Monday, July 1, 2013

Afternoon with Cousins

This afternoon we meet the Zantows at the park... part of my whole plan to squeeze in as much time with family and friends as possible!!!  It also helps keep the kids entertained without me having to be the sole entertainer!  Being around other kids is SO engaging for my kids.... especially for Addyson if there are younger kids around.  She is SO drawn to Giuliana.... probably because she is a baby AND a girl.... we don't get to hang out with many girls these days!!!  Trips home are going to be so fun as the kids get older and can all play together!
Even though Giuliana isn't running around.... the kids have already all started to play together!  Once Ethan notice who Addyson was hanging out with, he wanted to play too!!!
And he even played just like Giuliana!! : ) Here she is finding every tiny object on the ground to put in her mouth!!!  Oh, I remember those days!!  I thought it was SO cute how Ethan was crawling along with her!
Owen brought along his new puppy to play with us!  Boxer had a blast at the park! : )
If the lighting is right, I like to try to take pictures of my kids and their profile so we can see how they are growing and changing.  Love this sweet girl!
Ethan spotted Giuliana's stroller and her snacks.... and he decided to go help himself to the goodies!
After lots of play time, we were all hungry and ready to go..... Time to leave and go find some dinner!
Ahhh, Mexican... gotta get our fill before we no longer have access to it!!  Best part about tonight, Nammie sat at the kids' table and let us parents have a "quiet" dinner!!!!  I don't get that very often these days!  Gonna miss hanging out with our cousins!

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