Sunday, July 7, 2013

Back to Fayetteville

Look at this sweet boy who just couldn't take it any more... we were playing at the park with the Bickel family and he just passed out... it has been a LONG week!!!!
We met up with John and Susie, their kids, and their grandkids to play at the park and go to lunch before we headed out of town.  I've known this family since I did my research at the St. Louis Zoo while Brad was in Iraq!!!  John and Susie ended up sponsoring Brad and I in our Masters' programs and sent us to Afraid for a trip of a lifetime!  They are now family to us and our kids are like their grandkids!!!  We just love getting together and catching up!!!!
Then it was time to leave St. Louis and head home... I think it was a matter of minutes of being in the car and Ethan was asleep!!!! : )  Makes traveling alone with 3 kids much easier on me when everyone naps in the car!!! : )
We made a pit stop in Springfield to see my Grandma, Aunt Carol and a couple of cousins stopped by to see us while we were in town.  Ethan was NOT a fan of sitting in the highchair... can't say I blame him.. after spending hours in a car, who wants to sit down for lunch?!?!  Thankfully Great Grandma was there to help entertain him with stickers!
These sweet kids were ready for their sweet treat!!! : )
I just LOVE this picture!!!  I'm not sure the exact number but I think Owen and Addyson are Great Grandkids #16 and 17 or something like that!!!
She looks amazing for 89!!!!  I'm gonna miss you Grandma!!!!
After a bit of a crazy lunch experience, I loaded the kids back in the car to make our final drive to Fayetteville.  We are ALL exhausted and ready to be "home"!!!!

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