Friday, July 5, 2013

Cardinals' Game

Tonight Owen and I went to a Cardinals' baseball game with Uncle Aric, Aunt Emily, Nammie, cousin Judy, and my mom's friend Pam.  We left Addyson and Ethan in New Town with my cousin Michelle and her family.  I knew the 2 little ones wouldn't last all night... the game started practically at bed time!
At the beginning of the game, Owen went with Nammie and her group to find seats and he got to meet Fredbird!!!  How fun!!!!  My mom texted me this picture!  Love it!
While Owen was with the ladies, I was with Aric and Emily in the box seats!!! Aric won 3 tickets at work and I was the lucky one that got to go with them!!!  We had AWESOME seats right behind home plate!  Amazing!  The only thing missing was Owen... I knew he'd love it where we were so....
I snuck out and got him!!!  He came up to the box and was SO impressed!!!  He shopped the buffet, got a drink out of the fridge, relaxed on the couch and ate his food..... he just soaked it ALL up!!!
What I think he loved the most.... having his mommy ALL TO HIMSELF!!!!!!
He was just as impressed as I was with our seats!!!
To make the night extra special, the Cardinals won!!!  Fireworks were going off of the Arch in the background (before of the 4th holiday weekend) and the moment couldn't be more perfect!!!
Much to my surprise, we both lasted the whole game (even after a busy morning at Grant's Farm).  What a special night to share with my little man and family!!!!

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