Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cooling Off

 How do you cool off after standing outside in the sun for a couple of hours watching a 4th of July parade?!?!  The kids were SO hot and sweaty and wanted to take a shower but I knew we were going to go swimming in the lake in the afternoon so I didn't want to bother with showering 3 kids twice in one day.... I don't even like showering them all once a day.... much less twice a day!!; )
 As Owen and I were going back and forth about what to do... Michelle came to our rescue with a great plan......
 The Sprinkler!!!!!
 The PERFECT and super fun way for a group of kids to all to cool off together!!!!
 What comes next.... with active kids.... food.... seems like my kids are always hungry!!!
 Michelle pointed out that my kids seem to eat a lot of little "meals" throughout the day!  Guess all of this activity is working up their appetite!!!
 But I think they will always have "one more room left" for "fire chips"!!!!  Oh the joys of traveling/ holidays... all of the fun "snack" food you get!!!
 The perfect 4th of July afternoon picnic with our family!

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