Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Deanna Rose Farm

This morning the kids and I drove to Kansas City to spend the night with my cousin Diana and her family for a night before meeting up with Julie and her kids for a night.  It was a quick trip but jam packed FULL of fun!!!  After letting the kids stretch their legs real quick at Diana's house, we headed to Deanna Rose Farm.
Deanna Rose is a great little farm that is free and there is so much to do and see!!!  You can see lots of farm animals, see how to milk a cow, there are playgrounds... and so much more!
You can practice getting on a saddle!
I think she's a natural cowgirl!
You can pet the cows!
There are Indian artifacts to check out that are inside a mud house that was typical for the Indiana tribe from this area and this small house would have slept about 30 people!!!
They also had a couple of teepees to check out!
No trip to the farm would be complete without petting the goats!
This goat experience was much better for Ethan since we didn't have food to feed the goats (you can buy some if you want), the goats weren't aggressive and they were friendly enough for Ethan to go up and pet!!!
Addyson skipped the goats and went right to riding the tractors!!!
There were ducks to feed....
And there are even fish in the water you can catch if you rent a fishing pole and buy worms... which I didn't do.... so you can imagine....
why this guy pouted the rest of our visit... once he saw the poles that was ALL he wanted to do.  I had to promise him we'd go look for fish by Auggie's house that night and that's how we left with semi-smiles on our faces!!!
After nap, we played outside!  It was SO nice for the kids to have space to run around and Auggie was SO good with the kids!!!  Despite the age differences between them all, they did great playing together!!!
Like a true coach!!!  Thanks Auggie for all of your help with the kids!
Even Ethan got some TLC!!!
Just like I promised, we walked over to the pond by Diana's house to go fishing.... without a true pole.....
we used rope tied to a stick with a pretzel tied to the end.  It wasn't much but it was just enough for Owen.... until the string fell off and a BIG fish came and took the pretzel string and all to the bottom of the pond... then he was sad again... this boy needs his daddy to take him fishing!  I'm not ready to help him hook up a real pole... because I'm not ready to take a fish off the hook if he caught on... so back down disappointment alley he went.. and will stay until he can do some real fishing in the Gulf with Brad!
The next morning we headed out to our favorite little "downtown" area near my cousin's house for breakfast before hitting the road!  It was a short but sweet visit! Thanks Liberty family for the fun!

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