Friday, July 5, 2013

Grant's Farm

This morning we met family and friends at Grant's Farm... another great free activity in St. Louis that is owned by the Busch family!  We got there early to try to be the holiday crowd and we were successful!!! (You should have seen the LONG line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot we passed when we were leaving!!!!)
The first thin you do is ride a tram through the open area of the park to spot animals that are free to roam around.
It is fun to try to be the first one to spot an animal laying under a bush or grazing on the grass!!  Sometimes you get lucky and the animals are right next to the road so your tram will pass right beside them!!!
After the tram ride, you get dropped off at one end of the park and you make your way through to the other end where you catch another tram to go back to your car. One of the great thing about having lots of family around... there are lots of extra hands willing and wanting to help in any way they can!!!!  Thanks Aaron for helping to push the stroller!
Look at this crew... they look tired before our day even began... I think the sharing a room is starting to get to them!
As soon as you get off the tram there is someone selling a package of tickets to take advantage of the "fun" pay things in the park... so of course we purchased 3.  First stop, to use our tickets to get our baby bottles.....
to feed the goats!
The goats are very "friendly" and anxious to get to your bottle... Ethan was NOT a fan of their "in your face approach".
He came and hung on to my leg for dear life... And kept asking to get "up"!!!!
Now that Owen is older, he is brave and willing to feed the goats!  He loved it!!
And its a good thing... we had 6 bottles to feed to the goats!!!!!
Look at them... the practically crawl up your leg to get to your bottle.  Mine were SO aggressive they tore the nipple out of my bottle!!!!

Next ticket, the carousal.  This is more Ethan and Addyson's speed... oh, did you notice Addyson was NO where in the goat pictures... she knows what happens in the goat area and she doesn't even come in the gated area... she stays in the stroller where it is safe from goats!!!
My mom's cousin Judy came with her 3 grandkids and it was SO nice... my cousin's kids are almost the exact ages as my kids (give or take a few months) and she has 3 so it was perfect!!!
There were 16 of us in our group!!!!
There is an animal show that is close to the goat area so we watch that before heading out to see the rest of Gran's farm.  We were first in line so we got seats up front!!!
Another fun thing at Gran's Farm, the free beer they hand out at different points in the park!  Cheers!
While the adults were enjoying their beer, the kids cashed in another ticket and got their snow cones!
Of course I was a nervous wreck about the kids getting dye on their new matching outfits..... why, oh why, did Addyson have to pick red?!?!  But I have to say she did pretty good... with some help from Nammie!!!  How cute is this group of girls?!?! : )
I knew Ethan wouldn't be so neat with his snow cone so I made him get a lighter color one AND take his shirt off!!!
Mom, what color is my tongue?!?!
That's one good looking group!
Towards the end of the park is an area of you can buy some feed to feed the lamas!!  That was fun!
Even Ethan enjoyed doing this!!!  They are not as aggressive as the goats!!!
And you can feed the camels!!!  Look at this one...
It opens its mouth wide so you can toss the food into it!!!!
Matching tongues!  That cold snow cone was SO tempting sitting there!!!!  It was a HOT day!
The last show to see before heading out, the elephant show!  At this point we were all hot and tired and ready to go... so sitting and resting our legs was really nice!  Ethan ended up falling asleep during the show... he just couldn't make it any longer!
Racked out and ready to head home!!!
Some wet kids... they had a misting fan for the kids to run through... remember from the zoo... a misting fan is Addyson's favorite attraction.... so she got the other kids to go get soaked with her!!!
Loaded up and waiting for the tram... not sure if waiting for the tram at the beginning of your day or end of your day is worse... but I tell you what... waiting while you are tired, hot, sweaty, and DONE is kind of hard to do!!!  Thankfully we didn't have to wait long!
At the end of the parking lot is the home of the Clydesdale horses that are in the Budweiser commercials so we went to take a look at them before heading out!!  What a FULL morning of fun at Grant's Farm!

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