Friday, July 19, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

A MUCH needed recharge weekend with a dear friend at the spa and hotel while my babies were being taken care of by another dear friend!  SO blessed to have loving friends in my life that are helping me through this summer away from Brad!!!!!
On way to play with the toys while waiting for our car to be fixed.
Lunch with good friends from St. Joe's!! We will miss these guys!
Apparently I've been serving pizza wrong... it is suppose to be covered in yogurt!
St. Joe's pals!
Look who can now hold his own with the big kids in the pool!!!!
Got to meet my Grandma and Aunt Carol at the casino one afternoon!!!  It was an amazing time!!!
I thought I had to just sit and watch my Grandma win... then she got up and I sat at "her" machine and won too!!! : )
Saying "Good Bye".... well... until next summer...... to my best friend since 2nd grade!
Helping baby brother... ALWAYS helping!!  He loves his "Sissy"!!!
Ethan's 1st movie!  He did GREAT!!  He sat through the whole thing!  Despicable Me II

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