Friday, July 12, 2013

Jellystone with the Kellers

About a month ago I saw Brad's best friend from high school, Julie, post something on Facebook about looking for locations for getting away with kids.  The perked my interest and I talked her into getting away with one night with our kids (5 total) and the moms!  She was brave enough to take me up on the offer of a mini adventure!
All that is missing here is Evan... her little boy.
We started looking for ideas/ deals and I saw a deal on LivingSocial come up for a night at Jellystone park outside of Kansas City... where Julie lives.  We jumped on the opportunity.  I suggested staying for 2 nights to make it worth hauling ALL of our stuff out there (traveling with young kids makes it almost impossible to travel light!!) but Julie and her kids don't travel a lot and it is harder for them to sleep in strange places so we opted for one night jam packed full of fun!
The place we stayed is a RV campground with some cabins so we got one of the cabins.  It was nice and simple.  We spent time touring the grounds in the beginning.... on the map there was mention of a creek so we thought that'd be perfect.... turns out they really meant a rain drain that you can't even get to and even if you could, you wouldn't want to play in it.... really bad false advertising!
The other disappointment was the "fish pond"!  On the schedule it says to join Yogi Bear at the fish pond to feed the fish... so we got really excited.... then we saw this.... yuck!  A yucky pond full of green guck... and no fish to be seen..... however, it didn't seem to phase the kids and it definitely didn't stop Owen from trying to fish!!!
The kids are little and really don't need much to entertain themselves which was great.  Just spending time outside with the freedom to run and burn off energy is really all we needed!
We had a 2 bedroom "cabin" (really a trailer) with a pull- out couch in the living room. It was perfect for us!
There was also a nice pool we spent a lot of time at after rest!
Julie, Evan, Ethan, Anna, and Addyson
There was a super cool "bouncing pillow"!  Even the adults got up there and jumped!!! We spent a lot of time on here!!!  It was awesome!
Me and my crew!!!  It was SO nice to just kick back, relax, and let the kids play!!!!  I've needed this break!  And hanging out with another mom that has multiple YOUNG kids was SO nice!!! I really didn't have to worry much... we are both in the same parenting boat!
When we are outside camping... I totally got "red neck"... I let Ethan run around without a diaper on... then he left me a present on the deck!  Nice!
Our cabin was really close to the park which was perfect!!  We spent A LOT of time hanging out here!!!  Addyson did a great job of helping to entertain the little boys!
While we were there it was time for Yogi to come out and say "Good night" to the kids!!!  Our kids took off running for Yogi... everyone except Ethan who wasn't too sure of what was going on and who that tall, strange bear was! : )
Owen is super brave now when it comes to big, strange mascots!  He ran right up to Yogi!
And he was the only one from our crew.  No one else wanted their picture taken with him.
Their favorite part about the visit with Yogi was the part where we got to wave "good bye"!  He was leaving and they were safe!!! : )
Back to the park!!!  How about a friendly game of tether ball??!
Ethan gave up.... Anna took his place....
Why play tether ball when you can fill your shoes with dirt?!?!  So much more fun!!!
A face ONLY a momma could love and find adorable enough to take pictures of !!! : )
Should I put my shoes on now?!?!

Owen did great playing with/ entertaining the little kids... and he also did great playing by himself!  I think he was enjoying the space and the outside time!!!
We had brought a lot of snacks with us and Julie made spaghetti to feed the kids... then her and I ordered a pizza from the store at the camp to eat at the park while the kids played... the kids ended up eating half of it!  Amazing how much kids can eat when playing outside all day!!!!
5 kids 6 and under and 2 mommas... and we all survived the night and woke up to tell about it!!!  I don't think everyone slept "great" but, everyone slept and we were ready to do a little bit of playing before heading home.
We had planned to play all morning, swim, and then leave around nap time (1ish) however, because not everyone slept great... we did some playing and then we were all ready to call it a day early... kind of glad Julie talked us into doing just one night.... we can up it to 2 nights next year as the kids get older and are better sleepers!!!
We were all exhausted and worn out.... the kids were asleep within minutes of being in the car.  This mini vacation outside with another mom with little kids was just what this family needed!!!!  Thanks for a great 24 hours of fun Keller family!!!

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