Monday, July 22, 2013

Last Supper with Kellen and Paz

Getting Ethan to do his dirty work! ; )
This afternoon Kellen and Paz came to hang out with us one last time before we leave.  It was nice to have them here because I thought I was selling the van... that fell through then I had another couple come look at it ... and that didn't pan out... I'm hoping to sell the van soon... it is a bit stressful to have such a big item left to get rid of but I have to trust!  Everything else about our move has fallen into I know the van too... when the time is right. 
After dealing with the van, we headed to Chuck E. Cheese for a bit of fun!  I think that Kellen and I love that place more than the kids do!!!  It has always been a favorite for us!
It was so nice to have some extra adults around to play with the kids!!!  We had a great time!
We won A LOT of tickets that we'll be saving up for some BIG prizes that we'll pick out right before we move!!  A few new toys will be a nice way to help entertain the kids once we move!  And luckily they are now use to my idea of saving up tickets so it isn't as much of a fight anymore!
After Chuck's we headed to another family favorite Hu Hot!!  I think the kids mainly love it for the S'mores dessert but I know they also love making their own dish!  We are trying to hit all of the family favorites before we leave!!!  Gotta get our fill before we can't for a year!
So much sweet fun was had by all!!!  Thank you Kellen and Paz for coming to visit!!  We love you guys and will miss you SO much!!!

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