Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Trip to St. Louis Zoo

I have a month left to entertain the kids by myself so I have a lot of things planned to help pass the time.  Our first trip, to St. Louis!  We will be staying with my cousin Michelle and trying to visit as many family, friends, and places as possible over the next couple of days!  I'm so excited!  I hope St. Louis is ready for the Brewsters!
One "must be" stop on our trip was the zoo!!!  I LOVE this zoo!  Of course I'm probably a little partial since I did a animal behavior internship with them as well as conducting my Masters research project at the zoo the summer and Christmas break that Brad was in Iraq!!!  My time at the zoo was SO important and also gave me a great way to fill my time while Brad was away!
So I love going back there... not only for my sake and to check up on the animals... but to also share my passion with my kids and get them to love and care about animals as much as I do!!!  And I think all of our visits to zoos are paying off!!! : )
Our first stop at the zoo was through the River's Edge... my office space use to be at the middle of the River's Edge so I know that area quit well!!!  One of our first stops was to see the hippos!!  Man, they were SO active!!!  I think we spent at least 10 minutes there... and that is say a lot since the average person spends 3-5 seconds in front of each exhibit!  The hippos were swimming around, playing, and then opening their mouth so the fish could swim in and clean out their teeth!!  It was SO cool to watch!
I was SO glad Michelle and Elise came with!  It was an amazing day and Elise was SO helpful with the kids!!!
I made sure we went first thing in the morning so we could see the animals as active as possible before it got too hot.. and we were so lucky!!  It was a beautiful morning... not hot at all... and most animals were very active!!!  The orangutangs were super active!!!  I loved seeing them in their new exhibit, The Fragile Forrest, that was just in the planning stage when I was doing my research there!
The penguin and puffin exhibit is also really cool... literally... this was just built when I was there and a HUGE attraction!  It is a great way to see these feathered friends up close and watch them swim!!  And a great way to cool off during a hot summer day!
No trip would be complete without a visit to the "Monkey House"!!!  I could spend hours here!!  Especially right now!  There were lots of babies/ toddlers so there was LOTS of activity!!!!
Here are the black-and-white colobus...monkeys I studied... but these are not the same.... the ones I watched got old and are no longer there.... this group has 2 toddlers in the group!!!  So fun!!!  I loved to come back and study these guys!!!
Out of all of the things she could choose from... I think Addyson's favorite part of the zoo was the misting fans!!! She'd stand in front of them until she was soaked!!!  I had to pull her away from them so we could carry on and see more animals!
Poor Ethie couldn't hang on any longer!  While I was standing in line to order lunch, he passed out!  Busy morning of zoo fun was too much to handle!
Recharging with some lunch before finishing up our day.
After lunch we headed to the sea lion show!!!  Another one of my favorite things to do!!!  They just built a new sea lion exhibit and show area!  I was SO impressed!
I use to go see watch this a lot as an intern... I could go for free... today we paid but I was happy to do so!!  I couldn't wait for the show to start!
Ethan ate his lunch and sat with Elise and was excited to see the show... that little nap was just enough to help him finish out the day!
We had a great view of all of the action!
This part of the show is new... the build this platform and slide!!!  The sea lion makes his entrance by going down the slide and then later in the show he goes and does an "handstand".....
and then dives into the water!!  SO cool!
After the show, we went and stood in line to see the cool part about the new exhibit... you can walk in a tunnel and have the sea lions swim all around you!!!
Right as it started to warm up for the day... we had just finished up our zoo adventure so it was perfect timing!!!  I couldn't believe we got to enjoy a FULL morning/ early afternoon at the zoo with enjoyable temperatures!!!  Now that we are all exhausted, let's head home to nap!!!
But we first have to stop at the front of the zoo to play, no trip to the zoo would be complete without a stop to climb on the sea lion statues!!
And have our family picture taken!!!
Thanks Michelle and Elise for a great day at the zoo!!!!  We had SO much fun with you!
And that sweet face says it all!!!  Amazing!
Oh, I guess one more thing.... they built a new entrance to the zoo from the parking lot and there are lots of animal statues there... on the way in we were in a rush so we skipped over this... on the way out... we were moving slower so the kids stopped to play!!!  Now they can "ride" on the animals we saw throughout our day!
Get 'em Ethan!!!  And that's about the face I had to make as I tried to round up my kids from playing on these statues to head home... they wanted to play... and I was ready to go... it was a FULL day!!

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