Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Typical Day (in Pictures)/ Checking In Part II

 Taking "Buddy" (the bug we found this morning) to Pest Control to figure out what "he" is- Turns out he is a mole cricket
I realized after posting there were still so many things I had swirling around in my head that I wanted to write about but forgot... so I'll add them now.  See, my brain is going 100 miles an hour... always is even making me have crazy, wild, and vivid dreams.  I feel like I'm on malaria drugs again.. but I'm not.  I think my over stimulation of my brain is also part of my exhaustion problem.  I'm also on the verge of a "blue funk" and I can't place my hand on it... its not homesickness that I remember when I was an exchange student in Germany missing my family... but it is a sort of down feeling that is coming from not having a lot interaction with people outside of my little family.  My momma guilt is also kicking in.... not having all of their day planed with fun activities and using tv as a crutch is getting to me... which I need to let GO of... so I am trying to take advantage of every little opportunity that the kids key up on... so when Buddy showed up this morning that gave us an activity to do... we went to pest control to get help trying to id him... and went back to get a pack of cards about bugs in Saudi.  Researching about Buddy on the internet took time and also gave us ideas of how to make him comfortable in the bug catcher!  So, taking care of Buddy has taken up a lot of our time for 2 mornings!
 A stop at the commissary to pick up some fruit... we go almost daily.. things ripen really quick here so we have to eat it fast!
Taking trips to the store also help pass the time... so does meeting Brad for lunch... and I think part of what is hard is I know these little trips are about to end.  We were fortunate enough to be able to borrow a golf cart and car from neighbor/ stranger but we have to give both of these back soon.  This is probably also contributing to my "blue funk".... we are living in transition... we have been for more than 3 months... that is hard for anyone.... not having OUR stuff... having borrowed stuff we have to give back... it is hard!   I'm am SO ready to get OUR stuff and to get settled.  It is hard to feel like this is home without our comforts of home.  SO, while I'm SUPER grateful we were so blessed to be able to borrow modes of transportation (especially in this humidity), it is hard to give the stuff back and have to come up with a new routine of getting around camp while we wait for the perfect vehicle to come up for us to buy.  So please, say a little prayer we can find a vehicle sooner than later!
 Checking out the inside of daddy's work!  It is SO tall and cool looking!
I've gotten questions about how we dress on camp.... we wear what we want to and I don't have to wear an abaya.  I have heard of people getting kicked out of the store for wearing shirts or shorts too revealing but I haven't run into that problem yet.  We were also trying to be sensitive to the "pork" issue and not wear our Razorback gear on camp but we realized this is OUR camp (it use to be for expats only and they just "recently" started letting Saudis live on camp) so we should be free to wear what we want... so we will... while still using a bit of sensitivity to some of our neighbors.
 Waiting for daddy to get out of his meeting so we can take him to lunch at the Golf Shack
Have you ever gotten a facial where they use the steam on your face and it feels SO good and is great for your skin... well I sort of walk around outside getting a facial 24/7!  It is probably great for my skin... however, I have one problem after I get a facial... it brings out my blemishes and I get pimples the next day.... so, getting a steam facial 24/7 has its benefits for my skin... but also has downsides... I feel like I'm a teenager again and dealing with acne problems... I'm hoping I adjust soon!
 Our activity after nap, making cookies for dessert
One thing that will change things in the start of school... in a week and a half Owen starts school.... and meeting friends.  I know after a play date there is just a better vibe in the house.  There is so much commotion in our house 24/7 that it is hard to think that we are bored... but we are bored from the lack of social interaction.  As we meet people, hang out, learn more about camp it feels good for my soul.  Which is why I think that not having our stuff is a bit hard... we can't invite people over.. we have nothing for them to do... and soon it will be hard to set up play dates on the other side of camp because we won't be able to get there.... luckily we live right next to a pool so I think we need to start swimming in the mornings... I've been saving that for an evening activity with Brad.... and start asking friends to meet us at the pool... even if that means swimming twice a day, then so be it!  It will keep us sane and cool during our last bit of summer break!
 Addyson is the helper... especially in the kitchen!
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this or not but I'm having mixed emotions on not arriving here with Brad.  It was great to have the time at home with family and friends and it was great for Brad to be able to get a lot of stuff set up for us before we got here (I'm having a hard time now and we have the perks of internet, tv, and transportation... things Brad did without for weeks... imagine how it would have been if I showed up 3 months ago!!!) however, it is hard to be at two different phases of transition and adjusting to our new life.  Brad is 3 months ahead of me so it makes it a bit hard for us to understand where the other is in the process.  When I'm overwhelmed or feeling blue, I have to remind him to look back to when he was here week 2 and how he felt.... because that's where I am... I'm not at month 3.  If we had come together, while our journeys will also be different to some degree, we would be processing this all at about the same rate.  So, for those considering a journey like this... make sure to think about the stages of transition and if you want to do it all together as a family or not.  The other thing is it was just the kids and I for 2.5 months so they got SO use to calling "Mommy!" for their every need... it is taking some time to get them to learn to call for Brad and once they do I think that will help overall for me not feeling like I'm being pulled in 4 different directions at all times.... and barely finding time for myself!
Making pizzas for dinner... I no longer have to prepare dinner by myself!  Brad is always home to help... along with my little helpers!
Speaking of finding time for myself, it is going to take some relearning of what I need to do to recharge!  I use to run off to a restaurant with wifi and go have a drink and blog, or go get a massage, or go to the movies with friends.  I had the freedom to just GO.  Now I have to put some thought into going out, finding the bus that will take us, time trips around prayer, figure out where to go on camp to get away from alone time, figure out how to get a massage.  There are just so many things in ones daily routine that you take for granted that you can do.... and when you move somewhere where the rules and routines are different it just takes some getting use to.  And that is when it is great to meet people on camp that have "been there, done that" and can show you the ins and outs and the tricks of the trade!
 Enjoying our first glass of homemade grape juice given to us by a neighbor! : )
While it might seem like there is more to "complain" about... it is really just my thoughts on adjusting and where I am in this all... again, this is really for me to look back on to document just how far we will come in this journey!  I know this is our "winter" in the transition process.... it is the dark, cold winter that everyone dreads and makes everyone miserable because it is hard to go outside and you just can't wait for Spring.... soon, our "spring" come... out stuff will show up, we'll be in a good routine, we'll have made friends, we will be living life... and life will be sweet and the flowers will smell SO much sweeter because we made it through the "winter" of transition.  So, bare with us as we weather the "winter" the good times are right around the corner!
Most evenings end with a trip to the pool!  No bikinis allowed at the pool... and I make sure we change Ethan over to his suit before we go! : )
Actually, as I typed that I know better... there is GOOD and it is RIGHT now... we just have to look a little harder to see it and I am making sure we do that because I don't want to wish away this time not for one second.... this is ALL part of the process and it is all part of our dream!  Not only that, but, this is precious time with our kids and we are using this down time to try to reconnect as a family.... even horrible winters have their sweet moments of snuggling on the couch under warm blankets with your kids, hot coco in hand, with a fire in the background... our "winter" sweet moments just look a bit different! : )  But those moments are there, we just have to see them!

Okay, if you made it to the end of this rambling post, thanks!  : )  This is where my rambling head is these days! : )  Our weekend starts tonight and I'm looking forward to all that is store for us!  Happy Weekend to all! 

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