Thursday, August 8, 2013

Getting to Know Camp

We made it.... after a scary ride home....and they can't blame the bad driving on women since it is only men that drive.... the first time a car went flying by at over 160kph it took my breath away... the next one, I expected it.... the 3rd was a bit scary because this guy wanted to pass us.... in OUR lane even though there was a WHOLE lane empty beside us... I could have reached out and touched the car.... it was THEN I was thankful to have purchased the BIGGEST car seats for the kids and we will soon be purchasing a BIG car... gotta be as safe as possible!  Ok, so after a crazy 45 minute drive, we made it to our home!! YAY!!!  The kids spent time running from room to room checking out all of the fun improvements daddy did to get ready for us!  The kids LOVED looking at THEIR rooms... finally we each have space of our own after sharing for 3 months.  Then, it was time for bath.... the 2 hours spent in the customs room got the kids dirtier than the 24 hours spent flying.... GROSS!!!!  Plus, I figured a good bath (in salt water since that's what runs through the pipes in our house) would help everyone get the dirt and sweat off and help us all sleep better!
And sleep we did.... Addyson and I slept until 11:30!!!!  I think the boys got up about 10:30.  Brad had made eggs and coffee but no one was really hungry... our clocks were totally off!  So we spent a lot of the morning laying around and taking it all in.... crazy to be here after SO much anticipation.  Even though we had just gotten up... we were all ready for naps by about 1.. and that wasn't even planned.... I went upstairs and laid down on Addyson's bed to stretch out.. she came and laid beside me.. and before we knew it... we were both asleep.  I woke up to find Owen asleep on his bed with this lights on and toys in hand.... oh, and before that Brad and Ethan were already asleep.  I made sure to get everyone up by 4 to make sure they would sleep that night.... didn't really work out that way....
 After nap, I knew we had to have activities planned to keep the kids entertained and minds off being sleepy so we took a tour of the camp in our borrowed golf cart!!!  That was fun.  Of course, Brad wanted to point out EVERYTHING but my tired brain just couldn't take it all in.  While I'm glad Brad came early to help set up the house and get things situated, it has been a bit hard to experience this at 2 different paces/ stages.... but eventually I'll catch up to him!  Part of our tour took us to the store so I could scope things out, get a few things for the house, and pick up Shawarma for dinner... I'm not in the mood to cook just yet.  We brought the Shawarma home to eat... it was SO good... and then headed back out to get the kids nice and tired for bed.
 We have the PERFECT location for our house... at least it is perfect for us!  I think we live right next to the nicest playground on camp!!!  Ours is one of the only shaded ones!!!  Isn't it great?!?!  And right beside it, up the stairs in the background, it a HUGE covered pool and kiddie pool!!!!  Not only that, but, behind the playground is they gym!!!  All of this is just across the street from our house... like walking across the street to a neighbor house... it couldn't be any closer to us!!!!  The kids spent a lot of time playing... and looking for shells!  I guess they bring the sand for the playground in from the beach so there are lots of little shells to be found!  I wonder if searching for shells will ever get old for these guys?!?!
On the way to the playground we pass by this rec center... which makes this even closer to us... it is a HUGE indoor area with a snack bar, pool tables, ping pong tables, Foosball tables, xbox stations, and an mini plastic playset that the kids are playing on in the background.  This is a perfect place to burn off some energy when it is SO hot outside!!!!  We are SO lucky to have all of this so close to us!
 Most of all... we are SO lucky and thankful to all finally be together and experiencing this all as a family!  I can't believe this is really happening!!!!
Our last stop for the evening was to check out the beach.  This is just at the end of our street.  A minute drive in the golf cart and probably a 5 minute walk.  The kids were in awe!!!!  This is our new home and all of the many perks!
Ethan was a little unsure about checking out the water on his own....I'm not sure if the waves were too much or what.  The water is super warm and the beach is nice, soft sand.  Tonight was a quiet night but a lot of people are home for summer vacation and Eid holiday week/weekend just started so a lot of people left camp because of that.  It makes exploring camp a bit weird because it seems like a ghost town but, it is kind of nice to be able to take it ALL in while it is quiet.
The beach has bigger and better shells to look for than the ones at the playground!  Owen was in heaven!
 And me... well this is all I really need!!!
 Together again!!!!  Let the fun begin!!!
 So you can see to the right of Brad how the houses/ camp are set up to run parallel to the beach.  These houses that are right along the beach you can bid for after being here 2 years and/or after you save up enough points to bid on houses.  Really, I'm content where we are.  All of the play things we need for the kids are right beside our house... oh, I forgot to mention that the school is just to the right of the playground we were at so again... SUPER close... it will take us all of 3 minutes to walk to school.... so with all of that super close and the beach a short walk away... I think we have the perfect location for us!!!
 Here, it gets dark early... it also gets light super early... so before we knew it, the sun had set and it was time to go home..... I was hoping that our busy afternoon would help the kids sleep but it didn't.  They were in bed by 8 (which is noon Arkansas time) and up by 11:30 (2:30 Arkansas time) so it was almost like I had just laid them down for a nap.  Opa and Nina skyped us at 12:30 so I let the kids get up to talk... they were up anyway so I was hoping the activity would help tire them out so they'd go back to sleep... back in bed by 1:30 am... and ended up sleeping until 10:30..... isn't jetlag fun?!?!  Oh, I forgot to mention that Brad ended up getting a super high fever around 9 so he wasn't even able to help me with the kids.... which is one reason why we came this week... because Brad has time off of work so he'd be around to help as we all adjusted to the time change.... I felt bad for Brad... but at 1:00 this morning.... I really felt bad for tired ol' me!!!!!
 We spent the morning unpacking boxes.... remember the 13 pieces of luggage and 7 carry-ons I packed... well now that ALL has to be unpacked.... but this part is "fun" I guess since we are able to start setting up our new place.  Our furniture isn't here... we are borrowing some from Aramco... so we will have to set up a second time when our stuff finally shows up... but at least for now we can get sort of settled while we wait.  We also explore our yard to check out all of the plants our lawn boy has planted for us... and we collected dates from our date tree in our front yard!!!!
Brad got the crazy idea that he could cut down the branches that the ripe dates were on... but he didn't make it far!! : )  Maybe he's better off to ask the lawn boy (who probably has proper tools) to do that!!!  At least I got a good laugh out of the idea... see how he stuck a knife and a pair of scissors in the tree to take with him as he shimmied up... anyone that knows how coordinated the Brewsters are know that this was bound to be a bad idea!!! : )
I think it is safer for us to explore more of camp than try to come up with projects around the house!! : ) Here we are exploring the Surf House that has the bowling alley, movie theater, and a couple of restaurants.  Behind Addyson is Brad's work... so this would be a good place to meet him for lunch.  This is about a 5 minute golf cart ride from our house.
Another place we discovered, the Club House for the golf course... here we are eating dinner there looking out at the sand golf course... see it behind us?  The food here is REALLY good!  So, if you like to golf and plan to visit us... make sure to bring your clubs... it looks like a beautiful sand course!
 Last on our list to check out... our mail box!!!!  We found it... and now we are ready to start getting mail!!! : )  We would love to hear from you... and there are several ways to do that....
email- Brad and I have the same email addresses as before
phone- our home phone is my old cell phone number so it is free/cheap to call us.  ( 479-***- 1853)
Skype- we have both Brad's and my Skype contact
Mail- Saudi Aramco, PO Box 585
             Ras Tanura 31311
                Saudi Arabia

Again, thanks for following our adventure.  Please keep in touch!!!


Kathy Craig said...

I'm so happy to see that you made it safely and are starting to settle in to your new home!

Betsy McCall said...

What an adventure! I'm so glad you all made it safely and am excited to hear all about it on the blog.

Anonymous said...

I was so excited to see your blog today. It is such a joy to follow your adventure thank for sharing.

Kabin Thomas said...

What an incredible adventure. VERY exciting. Wonderful attitude!

Kabin Thomas said...

Make sure, when you get a chance, to go see Abu Dhabi and Ferrari World and how the Emirates are so different from KSA. Eid Mubarak to you and your family. This is a GREAT time to be there, actually! :-)

Freeman Hunt said...

So glad you all made it safe and, if a bit tired, in good spirits. I look forward to reading your continued adventures!

dave and jenn said...

What a great set-up and location! It's so heartwarming to see you all together again!