Saturday, August 24, 2013

iPad Pics of the Week

Jumping on the neighbor's trampoline at 8:30am... sounded like a great idea!!
I thought I'd cool the kids off by spraying them with the water hose.... too bad it is really WARM water that comes out!
DONE after 5 minutes... this is why it is really hard to play outside these days!!!
Someone is learning how to go on the potty!!!!
 "Mommy, mommy, I. Did. It!!!" (said in a high pitch squealing voice)
 Little Miss Sassy
 I often wonder if our mornings are exciting enough to wear them out... then I find them like this after laying in bed "reading" for 5 minutes at nap time... passed out... guess mornings are exciting enough for them!
We had to get blood drawn as part of our initiation process, the country wants to make sure we are not bringing any bad stuff in... this also lets them know what we have/ don't have now and we get our blood drawn when we leave for the same reason so we can't come back and blame the company/ country for anything later since they have proof.  Ethan was a champ and didn't even flinch!
 Meet Buddy.... our mole cricket that was walking across our kitchen floor this morning!
 Addyson tucks this sweet boy in bed most nights... and if she is not quick enough and he is super tired... he tucks himself in bed like this!!! : )  (Then he waits for "nanies" (nurse)... I'm am close to weaning... we are down to twice a day; before nap and before bed!)
Owen is the bug whisperer here!!  Today he was racing snails on his hand!
Our new "bird show" bath!  We hallowed out our watermelon and used that!!!  And birds came!!
Our first piece of mail!!!!  Yay!!!!  Kids were SO excited to get a Thank You card from cousins Troy and Giuliana!!!!
You found out you can use a Global Forever stamp to mail us a letter!!!  Makes it SO much easier and cheaper to write to us.... so please do!!! : )  A letter takes 9-10 days to get here!  Write us and we'll write back!!!!
Brad Brewster 803178 (name for who you are writing) 
Saudi Aramco, PO Box 585 
Ras Tanura 31311 
 Saudi Arabia
Hope to hear from you soon!!!

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