Monday, August 26, 2013

Owen, Wait No Longer

For the past 3-5 months (maybe longer), Owen has been asking what kind of pets we'll get once we get to Saudi Aravia.  We've had pets his whole life until we had to get rid of Shilo once we found out we were moving.  We are all animal lovers and especially him.  I think for him it was a needing of comfort and security that comes along with a pet.  Not only that but, he was watching us give away some of him favorite items as we prepared for our move; dog, toys, furniture, and int he end his fish was the last thing go to.  For him, he needed to know what was going to stay and what was going to be similar... and having a pet was one of those things.
Well Owen, wait no longer.... mommy has been working on daddy for months now talking him into the idea of a pet.  See, owning a pet isn't really ideal for a family that plans to travel a lot so we really had to give that some thought. We also had to find a pet that was easy to acquire and it would be best if it was a pet that needed adopting and not a pet for purchase.  What fits all of those requirements?  A cat.  2 kittens to be exact!!!
There is a major feral cat problem here!  You see feral cats everywhere... and there are several up for adoption... the trick was finding some that we friendly and social and not scared of kids.  See, a lot of the feral cats are caught too late and are shy or scared and that would not be good traits for a cat to have in our house!!!
So I found these sisters that were found by a sweet lady when they were a day or two old!  She took them in with their momma and raised them so they are super social and friendly.  She really wanted them to be adopted out together since they are so close... and that's how we ended up with 2 kittens!  Brad was wondering how we went from no pets... to two pets... but I talked him into it by explaining that when we travel they won't be lonely since they have each other!  And it worked! : )
I had been checking on the kittens for almost 2 weeks; we had to wait for them to get fixed and then I waited for the claw covers I ordered to come in and then I was ready to get them!  The kids had NO idea!!!  When they got up from nap they all sat down to watch a show to wake up like they always do and then I put the kitties on their lap!  They were SO excited and asked if they got to keep them!!!
Then the playing began.  And everyone played and played and played!!!  All of the kids were beside themselves with excitement!!!  Owen looked at me with a HUGE smile on his face and said, "This is the best day ever!"  One of the benefits of kittens is that they are little and have so much growing to do and they can grow up with the kids!  They are young and not stuck in their ways like the older cat we tried to adopt 2 years ago.  These little kittens are balls of energy and not afraid of the kids!  I think it was a match made to be!!
I knew the kittens would quickly need a break from all of the excitement (they came from a house of a single lady who is a teacher on campus and her dog... much quieter than our house ; )  ) so I had it planed for us to meet some friends to hang out for a bit while the kittens ate their dinner and explore our house in peace!
We came home and found them snuggled up on the chair together!  How cute are they!?!?!
Introducing Sue E. (black on face,purple collar) and Sophie ( pink collar).
Let the pet owning fun begin!!! : )


The Ware's said...

So cute! We are pet people too! Missed seeing you at church yesterday... love watching your adventures on your blog!

dave and jenn said...

Aww, so sweet! I can't imagine the Brewster family not having pets! :)