Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pics of the Week

Our kitties like bath time as much as the kids do!!!
Play time!!!!  We LOVE our newest additions!!!
Think I'm too big for Sissy's doll stroller????
Scavenger hunt!
Trying to get the bird to land on him... he stood still for as long as he could holding water in one hand and crackers in the other... he lasted about a minute... needless to say... he was unsuccessful in his attempt.
Being a little brother is hard work!
 Did you know that there is an art to drinking out of a can???  I didn't either until I had to teach both of the big kids how to do it!
 Someone loves his "yoyo" and "eois" in the morning!  Can you tell?!?! : )
 A new Brewster favorite- humus, moutable, and naan bread!  Thankfully we can get this at the salad bar all for $4!!!!
I think it is LOVE... might be a little one-sided.... but love nonetheless!!!! : )

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