Saturday, August 17, 2013


The best way to cool off after a humid day is to take a dip in the pool!  We really are very lucky to live right across the street from this beautiful covered kiddie pool and big pool!  I'd take the kids swimming during the day by myself if I didn't have 3 adventurous kids in the pool.  All this pool time has really made them comfortable around water.... too comfortable!
All this pool time has also made them stronger swimmers.  Owen can jump father, swim longer distances, and swim under water farther!  Addyson.... well she can now swim without water wings!!
At the beginning of the summer I was begging her to try and jump in and was begging her to try to take her floaties off in pools where I knew she could touch the bottom.  It wasn't until a week or so before we left for Saudi that she gave either a try.  And now.... well she can swim a short distance on her own!!!!
Ethan has gotten really good in the pool too!!!  He jumps in and goes under water, he floats around with is floaties on and doesn't need to hang on to a parent, and he also gets in by himself... which is a problem!  He thinks he can swim so we have to keep a close eye on him... he'll try to get in even without floaties on!  Thankfully the pool here always has lifeguards... at least 3 of them at a time!  The extra set of eyes on the kids is really nice!
The pool is heated.... or should I say "cooled"!!!  Since it is SO hot here, they actually have to cool the pool down but pumping in cold water instead of hot water!!!  Crazy!
After building up confidence swimming without floaties.... Addyson decided to give it a try to jump in!!!!  I was SO impressed!!!
She jumped in, went under water, popped back to the surface, turned towards the wall, and swam to the wall and grabbed on!!!!  SO big!!!  Again, it is amazing what lots of exposure to a pool can do to build strength and confidence!!!
The sun starts setting at 6:30 and it gets dark but it is SO refreshing to swim in a cool pool, in the "cool" of the evening, and the pool lights on!!!  To remind ourselves where we are (The Middle East), we usually end up hearing a prayer time broadcast over a couple of speakers from local mosques!!!!  That's something we wouldn't hear back home.... especially with all of the different religions!  We usually end up staying at the pool until bed time.... then it is really easy to tuck everyone in bed for a good night of sleep!!!!

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