Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Touring the School

The school year is about to start and I haven't really gotten any information about Owen's class (I've received emails about Addyson's class and the Parent meeting) so we decided to walk over to the school to make sure both kids were fully enrolled, we've met all of the requirements, and to see if there was a "meet the teacher" night or if there was a way we could get a tour of the school.  This was super easy to do since the school is just a stone's throw away!
We walked over to the main entrance and saw the school emblem on the wall so we had to pose for pictures!  The kids are now part of the RT Dolphin family!!  So exciting!
After posing for these pictures, I learned that there is not a orientation night with the kids and the first day of school we drop of the kids at the back of the school by the playground where they'll just line up with their teachers so this might be our only picture in front of this sign... now I wish I had dressed the boys up more!! : )  I found out that the morning routine here is a bit different than what we are use to back home.  The kids walk around to the back of the school and line up outside with their teacher who then walks them into the classroom.  Might sound ideal but for this mommy, it broke my heart.  Last year I walked in Owen every day, hung his backpack up for him, tied his shoes (for some reason at least one needed to be tied every morning), kissed him good bye, and made sure he was settled with his friends.  That would probably be a little much for my new 1st grader but to not even have the chance to walk him in and drop him off brought tears to my eyes... literally... the lady telling me the schedule probably thought I was nuts... and she's probably right.  With this new journey comes learning how to adjust and do things a different way... so I just have to get into my groove and find my new way to send him off for his day that is just as special to us!
When mommy is tired of carrying Ethan, he looks to his big sister for help! : )
 Here the start times are different for K4, K, and other grades... seems like there are 3 start times... which makes me SUPER thankful we live right beside the school!  I'll be able to look out my back gate and watch Owen cross at the crosswalk to come home for lunch at at the end of the day.  Without that, I'd be making 6 trips to the school each day; Owen's start time, Addyson's start time, Addyson's pick-up, Owen's lunch, Owen back to school after lunch, and Owen's pick-up!  That's a lot of trips to school in a short 7 hour 45 minute day!  I also found out that Owen starts school Sunday September 1st and Addyson's first week will be a soft start with her going 3 days for half days (she only goes a half day so she'll be going for about an hour or so) and during this soft start one parent goes to school with her!  Her first full week of school on her own will be September 8th!
This big boy is ready to start his new school as a first grader!!!  He asked to have a picture taken by himself and he gave me a thumb's up without me asking... that made me happy to see.... as much as he is starting to play shy and says he doesn't want to go to school... I think he is just as ready to start and get into a routine as the rest of us are!!!  We also found out that Owen will be in Mrs. Hay's class!  Mrs. Hay has been here for 3-4 years and I hear she is wonderful!  I actually got to meet her at the abaya store the other day when I went to get my zipper and she is sweet!  We are so excited for a wonderful year in 1st grade with Mrs. Hay!!!
Here Addyson will start K4 and will go every day for 3 hours a day!!!  This will be a change from the routine we are use to (and what Owen did when he was 4) of going 3 days a week for 4 hours but, we are excited about her upcoming year in K4!  One thing I realized is that here, there isn't as much to do during the day with your kids, I can't run out into town to meet for a play date at the mall or take her to a gymnastics class... so really, going to school every day is probably the best thing for her and her development.  This will help keep her mind busy and out of trouble!!!  We were excited to find out that Addyson will be in Ms. Heidi's class this year!  Ms. Heidi and her family are new to RT this year but not new to teaching overseas... she's been living this lifestyle for 10 years!  She is super sweet and I know its going to be a great year! (I also got to meet her at the abaya store the other day).  I am so excited to see her grow and learn this year!  It is going to be a wonderful year of growth in K4 with Ms. Heidi!
Since there is no formal orientation night for the kids, we got to take a tour of the school while we were checking in.  It was so nice to be able to show the kids around so it is all new the first day!  Here is Addyson checking out the art room!  One thing I've noticed is that here, the teachers are well supported with resources and supplies!  I think being a teacher for a private school funded by the largest oil company in the world has its perks... that both teachers and students benefit from!!!!
Here is Owen checking out the library!  We are ready for the start of a great year!!!  So many adventures at school and out of school are to come!!!  Yay!!!

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