Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Day in K4

Today is our "Friday"!!  It is the last day of school for the week and it is the last day of Addyson's "soft start" so the whole class is together (with their mommies) and we went through the routine of the day... starting with how drop off will go.  The kids start out meeting at the playground that is just for the younger kids... isn't it great that it is shaded with those tarps?!?!  I LOVE that!!!
Once all of the walkers and bus riders show up, it will be time to line up to get ready to go inside!  "Touch your chin if you hear Ms. Heidi"
Once inside you hang up your backpack, put your water bottle on the table, and meet at the carpet for the "Good Morning" song.
Then you stand up to stretch to get your muscles (and mind) ready for the day!!!
Read a good book... and learn how to talk about what the story might be about by looking at the cover of the book and talk about how you can open the book and read to see what the story is really about.  This school really focuses on reading and writing and I love that!
After circle time, you break off to go to centers.  You can pick to explore whatever you want to do!  Here Addyson is learning about mixing colors and how to make different colors by mixing!
After all that hard work the kids work up an appetite so, it is time for snack!!!
The last thing of the day is gathering back together to talk about the day and all of the fun things they did and then they sing the "Good Bye" song and it says to "give your friends a High Five"!
Bye friends!  Have a great weekend and I can't wait to see you Sunday to start our full week of fun together... without our mommies!!!   K4 is so much fun!!!

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