Friday, September 6, 2013

Addyson's Boss Day

Addyson starts school tomorrow full time and without mommy so we let her spend her last day of "freedom" as Boss for the Day like Owen got to do.  It is interesting how she likes to be out and about more... but she also had a hard time coming up with ideas so she almost wanted to have a day exactly like Owen's Boss Day... which would have been fine but, I tried to remind her of things she likes to do that she doesn't always get to pick to help guide her a bit at times.  The first thing she wanted to do was go swimming... sorry for the bad picture... that was a mess of a start.... I ALWAYS take pictures at the pool... go back and look through the blog... well I was trying to take pictures today and 2 lifeguards came up to me and said, "No pictures Ma'am"  I said, "WHAT?!?!  I ALWAYS take pictures here!!  You know me and you always see me with my camera!"  "Sorry Ma'am.  That's the rules!"  "No it isn't.... at least it wasn't yesterday... or the day before that.  I take pictures of my family and you know that!"  "Sorry Ma'am"  Ugh.. I was SO frustrated.  The lack of consistent rules and expectations can drive you crazy if you have a hard time going with the flow!  The only thing that is expected here is to expect crazy.  Expect things that don't make sense.  Expect to be challenged to be the bigger person to go with the flow.  Must. Learn. To. Be. Flexible..... working on that!
Okay, back to Addyson's boss day!  I forgot to mention that the morning started out great!  We were invited over to some new friends' house for coffee and treats and for the kids to play!  It was SO nice!  It is starting to feel better here the more people we meet!  People help confirm the feelings one feels in the beginning when you don't have your stuff, you are the new person, fighting with the paperwork and lack of urgency and consistency, and trying to figure it all out.  It helps seeing people that have survived the beginning craziness and have settled into a nice routine and have made great friends.  It can be done!! :)  After the breakfast we headed to the pool for a dip to cool off and then Addyson wanted to go to the Surf House snack shack for lunch.  It was an extra special treat to get to pick out any drink they wanted.... and here, fresh squeezed juice (which is beside Owen) is served everywhere... it is SO good!
She also got to order whatever she wanted and she choose a shrimp schwarma (which was amazing), she got to pay, and she got to keep the change!!!!  Man, she hit the jackpot at this lunch!! : )  I must also add that Addyson likes to be called "Addyson" or "Sister"  If you ask her if her name is "Addy" or some other nickname she will tell you know.  Today, however, that changed.  She said she wanted to be called "Boss" ... and since she doesn't like to be called different things, this was really a big deal... so we called her "Boss" today! :)  She loved it!
I think we all hit the jackpot with this whole adventure!!!!  Last week was a really hard week for me with school starting, Brad being gone, drama on camp about my blog, and adjusting to life here in general.  This weekend has been great... Brad is home, we are all together, we have had dinner with new friends, drama is over, and life is feeling good.  I'm glad we have the weekends together to remind ourselves what this adventure is really about.... US and OUR dreams.... and it helps with giving us time to socialize with other families and bond with our family.  This weekend was what I needed to life my spirits and get ready for a new week!

After nap, Addyson got to pick what we did and we played games, did some art work, danced some, went to the fruit store and then she got to pick our dinner plans.  I thought she'd want to go off camp to some restaurant in town but once she heard our new friends (our neighbors that had us over for dinner on Thursday night) were going to the Golf Shack for dinner that is where she wanted to go...see Brad and I with our near beer!! : )  That's the best we can do here in Saudi!
I think these weekends are just as good for the kids as they are for Brad and I!  The opportunity to bond with friends is so good for the soul!!!  And I think that is why Addyson choose hanging out with the Johnson family as her dinner plans!  At first I tried to get her to pick something else... but I'm SO glad she was boss.... she knew best!
THIS is what life is about!
Addyson, I thoroughly enjoyed your day as Boss!!!  Thank you for all of the fun!  We've had an amazing summer together and now I look forward to an awesome school year for you and seeing all that you learn and watch you grow!!!  Set your dreams high, you can accomplish all you set out to do!  Let you my little Boss Lady!!! :)

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