Monday, September 2, 2013

Addyson's "Soft Start" in K4

Today starts Addyson school year... sort of.... the PreK 4 kids have a soft start which means that half of the class will go 2 mornings a week for an hour and a half with a parent and then all of the class will go for one more thing week for an hour and a half with the parent... it is a way to ease the kids into the routine.  Addyson was ready to start full time... she is so big and doesn't need me... but I was thankful for this soft start.  Her schedule this year is going to be a bit different than it would have been at home and it is different than what Owen did when he was 4 so this is a bit of a struggle for me... I try to keep things the same for all of the kids so no one questions me later... but some things, like this, are a bit out of my control and I'm trying to go with the flow.  So, where at home Addyson would have gone 2 or 3 days a week, I think she will be okay with the 5 days a week especially since school helps provide routine and entertainment for the kids on this small camp where running into town for play dates at fun places isn't a possibility.
If I had to plan Addyson's perfect first day of school, I couldn't have planned a more better day for our little princess!!!  It was a day special for her!!!  And the two of us soaked it all up!
First, she got to go with me to drop off Ethan at his first day of "preschool"!!!  She loves being just as involved as I am with the boys!!!  So, getting a chance to drop off or pick up a brother is a big deal!  Ethan is enrolled in Ms. Joy's preschool where I plan to send him 3 days a week to play with kids his age.... I often think he forgets he isn't two yet and he thinks he is around 6... so playing with other 2  year olds and learning to be away from mommy and the rest of his family is going to be a big deal!  Let's hope he likes it as much as I hope he does!
After that, her daddy got to go and drop her off at school and kiss her "Good bye"!  This isn't a treat she gets very often!!!  What a perfect start to her morning!
And then she got to spend the rest of her morning with her mommy!!!  It isn't often she gets one-on-one time with mommy!!!  How fun!  While some parents didn't like the idea of the soft start and while it was a bit of an inconvenience (especially since I didn't have childcare for Ethan until last night), it was SO nice to have some special quality time with Addyson!!  And she soaked it up!!!
Part of today was spent getting set up in her room.  She got to pick out her cubby.  She found where to put her water bottle ever day.  And we did a scavenger hunt to learn about the classroom.
Some of the day was also spent with half of the students from her class sitting in a group and learning the faces and names of the people they will see daily during the week.  I know it is too early to really tell but it looks/ feels like this is going to be a great class!!!
And lastly, the kids were encouraged to go to different centers in the room and try them out!  They go to pick whatever they wanted to do!  The first thing Addyson did was pick out a book for me to read to her while she sat on my lap... can you tell she was soaking up her time with mommy?!?! :)  She did also go try out as many centers as she could before snack time.  So many fun things to do and explore!  I was so impressed with the set up and the supplies!!!  It is SO nice being at a fully funded school!!!!
Addyson with Ms. Heidi!!!  It is going to be a great year!!!
As we were leaving to head home, we saw Owen's class walking in from recess... Addyson walked as fast as she could so she could catch up with Owen!!  She as calling his name and he was doing his best to look back at her and acknowledge us without falling behind in line.  It was so sweet!
And it was really nice to see this smiling face in the middle of his morning and see that he was doing just fine!!
Since Addyson's first day was only a half day, we had an extra hour and a half to ourselves so we decided to make sugar cookies from scratch for a snack after lunch to celebrate a great start to the school year!!!  This was an ideal activity for my little baker who also likes to take care of her brothers and daddy!!! : )
Being home early also meant that she got to go with me to pick up Ethan from his first day of preschool.  The problem, her and I compete for who will get to Ethan first... and she won!!!  I think Ethan was happiest to see her!!!  He ran up to her gabbing a mile a minute... he must have been talking all about his day... I only wish we could understand.  Whatever he was saying, he was saying with passion!  I hope that means he had a great day too!!!
How do you wrap up your first day of school????  You talk about it to your Nammie on the phone over dinner!! : )  Oh the things you do while living so far from family but trying to make it like there is no distance between you!!!  I think it was a great first day for both of the little kids!!!  I can't wait to see all that this year has in store of the kiddos!!!

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