Thursday, September 26, 2013

Addyson's Water Day

Addyson's class and the other preK 4 classes had Water Day at school today.  She was excited to get to wear her swimsuit with flip flops and packed a bag with her towel and goggles... she insisted on the goggles!  She was ready to go!
I also go to go participate in Water Day and helped out at the different stations.  I love being able to go help at the school and get a brief sneak peak into Addyson's little world!  She is always singing the songs they sing throughout the day and talks about their circle time and this morning I got to be a part of it all!!!
There were several fun stations set up and the teachers took the students around to all of the stations to explain what each one was before turning the kids loose to have fun.
Addyson is making her colorful coffee filter (this is a project Owen did last year at his school and was so excited about it that he made us buy coffee filters so he could show Addyson how to make them at home.... and now Addyson is a pro.... although she goes a little heavy on the coloring! ; )  )
There was a pool set up with fishing rods for the kids to go fishing.... another Brewster favorite.  Her is Addyson's whole class around the pool!!!  A good looking international bunch!
A bubble blowing station.  Addyson with her friend Celine.
A painting station
Look at that concentration as she works on her masterpiece! : )
A couple of swimming pools... she knew she'd need her goggles!!! : )
There were also several bins set up with different activities like fishing out small objects, objects that sink and float, and objects that squirt water.
Once all of the stations were explained, there were a couple more that I missed like painting with water on the ground, chalk, and a no splash pool, the kids were free to do as they wish.
Here is a picture of the whole playground area!  This area is used for the preK3 and preK4 classes.  It is amazing.  And today there was SO much fun to be had!!!!  I love that it is covered and I don't have to worry about her getting burnt while playing at school!  Such a great school with so many fun activities for the kids!
I think Addyson's favorite part about the painting station was washing off the paint with the sponge and water hose!!!  Her teacher and teacher's aide are great!  Ms. Heidi and Ms. Nancy are great at involving the kids and interacting with them!  Addyson is blessed to be in their class this year!
School is 3 hours long for her and the kids spent the whole time outside playing!  It was awesome.  I had to leave a bit early so I missed out on the popsicles and popcorn but I heard the snacks were the perfect ending to water day!!!
What a fun day for the kids!!!  Thank you teachers for planning such a fun event!

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