Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bahrain Day 2

Day 2 in Bahrain started nice and early in true Brewster fashion despite the late night.  I wasn't ready to get up but the kids were!!!  Thankfully the hotel has a super nice breakfast buffet that is open early... and we were the first ones there!!!  We had our choice of table so we decided to have a "guys' table" and a "girls' table".  It was kind of nice for me to hang out and chat with Addyson and enjoy the really nice breakfast and hot coffee and let Brad deal with.....
this ham of a guy!!!
Due to our early start, we also got to enjoy a early morning and full day at the pool!  Today we spent more time at the big pool that has a "cave" that the kids love to hang out in!!
Hanging out, we met a lot of other families that work for Aramco.  We met people from 2 of the other camps in Saudi.  It was nice to compare life at different amps and also hear others stories of how that came to live in Saudi.  It was also nice to see families like this one here that recently moved and they have 4 young kids.... helps us not feel so "crazy" about our decision!  Also, see the kid on the green noodle swimming?  That is Ethan!!!  Swim lessons have really helped!!!  Man, that kid is getting so big!!!
One of the families in our group had a son whose birthday was today so they had a mini party for him by the pool.  Lots of goodies to go around!  The kids were living the high life this trip!! : )
After a FULL day at the pool with the kids, the adults all got sitters through the hotel and went out for an adult only dinner at a really good restaurant close to the hotel called the Meat Company.  They specialize in steaks and it all looked SO good!  I got the shrimp and they were HUGE and delicious!!!  It was such a fun evening.
After dinner, the other couples went out dancing but I'm sure none of them have kids that get up at 5am!!!  Brad and I decided to walk back to the hotel and have a quiet drink before heading up to our room.  It was nice to be out walking in Bahrain just the two of us.... and we used this time to look back out our journey that started 3.5 years ago at this hotel when Brad spoke at a conference and we met some teachers that were living in Saudi and we asked about life as an expat.  What an amazing journey this has been from then to now and I can't wait to see how this whole adventure plays out!
We got back to our room to find Addyson asleep on the couch with our two sitters (you need 1 sitter per 2 kids so we had to get 2.... luckily it was still cheaper an hour than we would have paid at home!).  She has been pulling this stunt with our sitters lately and here the culture is to please and the kids get more of a say than they should.... so Addyson is playing the system even though I tell the sitters in advance she'll try to get out of sleeping in her bed!  Oh well, we get a night out and everyone is happy when we get home so I guess that's all that really matters!
Good Night Bahrain!  Thanks for another great day!!!

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