Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bahrian Day 1

FINALLY..... the trip we have been looking forward to is here!!  Ever since we visited Bahrain 3.5 years ago, we knew we wanted to come back.... some way, some how.... and it is happening!  All I wanted for my birthday was to go back to Bahrain and stay at the same hotel we stayed at during our first visit so that's exactly what we did!!!  We planned to get a lazy start but since we were all up and ready to go, we headed out before 7am!!!
At one point we didn't think we were going to have our multi entry visas in time to go but we ended up getting them a couple of days before our trip which meant we are official residents in Saudi and we are able to come and go as we please!  And while life on camp is good.... it was SO nice to be leaving Saudi for a breath of fresh air!!!
The Causway.... the LONG bridge to Bahrain.  When traveling to Bahrain on a holiday weekend, it is good to get an early start because I've heard of nightmare stories of being stuck on here for 3-4 hours!  Thankfully it took us less than 2 hours from start to finish to make it across the boarder!  The line at customs only took us 45 minutes.  That process can take hours... if you happen to get in the wrong line it can be a mess.... the boarder patrols are allowed to leave their booth to take a break and just leave the line sitting for however long.... no rules, no warning.... nothing!  This happened to the line next to us and I saw all of the people getting out of their car to check to the booth to see if the guy was in there... I can only imagine how frustrating that must be...especially if you have a car full of kids!!!
You know what amazes me.... the second you cross the boarder you notice a HUGE difference in the landscape!!!!  Bahrain is green, has grass, is clean, is friendly, is "safe".  It was SO wonderful!  Really, a breath of fresh air!  Much needed get away for our souls!
We made it across the boarder with no troubles and then met up with a group of people from camp for breakfast at the Bahrain Country Club that is for expats only!!!  Here they serve a nice buffet breakfast complete with different pork items!!!  Here is the kid table!!!  They had so much fun hanging out, playing, helping themselves to whatever they wanted off the buffet while.....
Their mommies and daddies enjoyed a nice, cold beverage!!!!  Awww..... a beer never tasted so good!  Cheers to a great weekend with my family!
Quick photo op outside the restaurant at the country club.  Beside us was a nice covered playground that the kids played at while the adults finished up breakfast.  It was a really nice way to start our morning and kick start our vacation in Bahrain!
From the country club, we went right to the Gulf Hotel to check in!  We rented a 2 bedroom apartment.  It was HUGE and perfect for us!!!!  The kids were running around like crazy checking it all out!
Hello Old Friend!
From our room we had a great view of the city, the Mosque we visited during our last trip, and the hotel pool!  It was beautiful!
We didn't waste ANY time in our room!  We quickly changed over and headed out to the pool!!!  I was SO excited to take the kids back to the place our dreams of living overseas started!  Last time we were here Owen was close to Ethan's age.... now look how life has changed!
Our plan was to play/ swim for a little bit and then head up to nap.... we'd gotten up early and already had a full morning... but this place was just too fun to leave!!!!!
Lovin' every second of this adventure!
It didn't take mommy and daddy long to settle into life away from Saudi either!!!!  Time to let my hair down a bit and that's exactly what we did!
Momma and her big man
Sharing a cold beverage!  (she is drinking mint lemonade!  SO yummy!!!)
Soon, our friends joined us at the pool!!!  There were 5 other families in the group we came with and most of the kids were around Addyson's and Owen's age!  It was great!!!  The kids played and played and played!!!
So much playing for the big kids but this little guy was winding down.  The big kids didn't want to go back for a nap and I was trying to hold Ethan out until they were ready to go.....
Well this little guy just couldn't take it any longer!!!  I was holding him and talking to friends when I realized he had fallen asleep!!!  Poor guy!!!
So he got to take his nap outside... look back through the old Bahrain posts.... I have a picture of Owen just like this!! : )  Almost in the same spot!!!  Needless to say, the big kids never napped!   Too much going on!
This guy took a little nap outside and then was ready to go!!!!  Rotten as ever!!! : )
We spent almost 6 hours at the pool!  That's a record for us and hotel pools!!!  We usually only stay at them an hour or so.  The pool was just too much fun to leave!  It is so nice because you can order drinks and food there so there is really no reason to leave!  We had plans for dinner out though so we finally left around 5:30 to go great ready for dinner.  On the way to dinner the kids stopped to play on the bridge.... last time we were here they had a little dessert place in this area and we spent a couple of nights here so the kids could play!  Fun memories to look back on!
We also had to make a trip down to see the fish before dinner!  We've been talking about these fish and how the kids use to feed them pretzels while Brad and I had a drink  before dinner.....
Tonight we go to relive that memory and this time Ethan go to join in on the fun!!!
Our last stop for the night was a Brazilian steakhouse with 2 of the families in our group.  It was an all you can eat/ all you can drink deal and the kids were free!!!  It was such a fun night and we marked the place on our GPS so we can go again!!!
I have to quickly brag on this little guy... he has been working on potty training and I thought it would be a disaster while we traveled but he proved me wrong!  He has been telling us ALL day when he has to go and he is even sitting on the big potties to go... and I don't mind him going that here since the bathrooms are MUCH cleaner than in Saudi!!!  So proud of this little guy!
Day 1 in Bahrain was a success!!!!  Looking forward to our other days here and reliving some other fun memories from 3.5 years ago!

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