Saturday, August 31, 2013

Boss for the Day

Tomorrow Owen starts back to school, he'll be a First Grader now!  Even though we've had 3 months of summer and have done LOTS of fun things... I still wanted to make his last day of summer special in some way.  I wasn't exactly sure what that would look like so we decided to leave it up to him!  We made Owen Boss for the Day and he got to call all of the shots.  Well first we spent the morning deciding what to do about a car... we had to give all of our borrowed transportation back so getting some sort of wheels was first on our list... we knew we couldn't meet any of Owen's requests without some!  The first thing Owen wanted to do was have a Halloween party... so we did the best we could with the limited supplies we have around here.... have I mentioned that not having our stuff kind of sucks?!?!  Anyway, while Brad was gone getting a rental car, the kids and and I stayed home and dressed up like daddy!! :)  How cute are they?!?!
Then when daddy came home we hid so he had to find us!!!  Hide-n-Seek is a game we play daily in our house... we also try to hide from daddy every day when he comes home from work so he has to find us!  It has been a fun daily tradition!  Once daddy found us the kids were ready to change into outfits that fit them better!! : )  I love that despite the fact that we have minimal items to choose from, the kids are creative and come up with all sorts of fun "outfits"!!
For me, Halloween party was fun because I got to dress up like daddy... that was an easy one... and daddy got to dress up like me... for daddy, not so fun... especially since there was going to be proof that he had to wear a skirt!! :)  After dressing up , we came up with games to play using dice and finding things to be prizes.  It was a simple morning but somethings those mornings are the best!
Next up was Owen's choice for lunch.  I thought he'd pick going out on camp or driving into town (he went with Brad the other day and saw a Krispy Kreme and McDonalds so I thought he'd pick something like that) but no, he wanted to stay home and have lunch at home.  He said, "Somethings I just like being at home."  There is something comforting about home and the safety of our 4 walls and knowing everything and everyone inside!  He wanted lamb kabobs and moutabel... but he didn't want to leave.... so Addyson and I went to the Surf House... in our newly rented car... to pick up dips and naan while the boys played and Brad cooked lunch!  Let me just say, this was one of the best lunches we've had since being here!!!
While I don't have many Halloween decorations here to help decorate for this party, I do happen to have Halloween sprinkles I brought with me so we were able to make a Halloween snack which was a perfect way to wrap up our morning of fun!  While we waited to snack on the cookies the kids went "trick or treating" which means they rang our doorbell, got some candy, and ate it.... luckily that was good enough for them!  I told Owen that the one thing he didn't get a say in today was nap time... that is still a MUST at our house... so we all laid down for a nice rest to prepare for the rest of Owen's day!
Owen decided that we would go swimming after nap.  We saw a little bit but the water was actually chilly... pumping too much cold water in to cool the pool off... so Owen gave us all the 5 minute warning and we wrapped up that activity!  I think one of the favorite things to do at the pool is to shower at the end!  Even Ethan gets in on the action!

After swimming we spent the rest of the evening working on magic tricks!!!  Owen is really into magic right now so that's what we did!  He perfected his trick of making Addyson disappear... and thankfully he was sweet enough to make her reappear.... he isn't ready to get rid of her just yet! : )  Then mommy and daddy tried to come up with tricks that would impress the kids... and we tried to one up each other to come up with the coolest trick!  Brad flipped over a cup of water onto the table without spilling a drop.... okay, that was cool... until mommy made a box of dish washing soap turn into cookies... not THAT was cool!!!  Owen said, "Awesome!!!  How did you do that?!?!  That was so cool!!!"  Mission accomplished!!! : )  Then Owen gave it a try and did pretty good.  I told him soon we'll be a magic family and charge an entrance to see our tricks!!  But for now, we better keep practicing!!
Once again, Owen got to pick dinner... anything he wanted.... his request.... grilled cheese with fruit and veggies on the side!  Simple yet perfect.... just like my little man!  When we decided to let Owen be the boss we had NO idea what was in store for us.  Would he have us running all over camp and into town?  Would we be spending money and eating out every meal?  When I look back on what a day it was, it was such a simple day of simple activities that all centered around a child's simple wishes of spending time at home with his family.... perfect!  Maybe we should put him in charge more often... he can remind us to enjoy the simple things around us!  Thank you Owen for such a great day!  A perfect ending to our summer together!

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