Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ethan is Getting Big

Ethan is getting SO big and I can't believe he is just weeks away from turning 2.  He has changed SO much in the short month and a half we've been here!  He does so many "big kid" things and I think that comes from having older siblings!  He LOVES to shower!  (the other kids, especially Owen, hated water in their face at this age)  I think showering after we swim is his favorite part of swimming!!!  As soon as he is done he tells me "shower"!  I was just so impressed the first time he did it that I took lots of pictures (go figure) so I thought I'd post these pictures and use this post to remind myself of some of Ethan's "shinning' moments!
He has gotten over his initial fear of strangers as long as the stranger isn't trying to touch him or get to close to him.  If someone is asking the big kids their names, Ethan will volunteer his, "Effie, Effie".  The day I took the big kids to see their school for the first time they were both super shy and hid behind me.  They wouldn't look at or talk to anyone.  No fear, Ethan handled it all for both of them.  When someone new walked up he started reciting everyone's names and pointing to all of us. "Owie, Sissy, Mommy, Daddy, Effie".  That is one of his new favorite "games" to point out everyone and say their name.  We all just love how he says, "Owie".
He has also started to notice when the older two are fighting (or if Brad or I get on to one of the other kids).  The other day Owen was picking on Addyson and making her cry and this made Ethan MAD!  So he went running up to Owen swinging his arm (he gets a BIG swing going with him arm and can really whack you!  I call it his "spider monkey swing").  As he was swinging his arm he was yelling in a high pitch scream, "NO!  NOOOOO  OWIE!!!!  Be Nice!!!"... as he hit Owen.  Haha!!!  Funny he is telling Owen to be nice as he beats Owen up!  I like though that he is noticing when people are not being nice and is trying to stick up for the person being picked on!
He also knows how to play his sister.  She sticks up for him just as much as he sticks up for her. If he gets in trouble from Brad or I, he goes crying to Addyson for consoling.  She hugs him, rubs him, and kisses him better.  It is sweet to see expect when I know he is playing her and when he is in trouble and needs to be thinking about what he did and not thinking about running to Addyson!!!  But really, I am SO glad the 3 of them have each other..... especially during this journey we are on.  No matter where we go or what we do, they ALWAYS have each other and ALWAYS have their best friend with them along for the ride!
This not-so-little guy is full of personality and full of spunk!  I love watching him grow but am SO sad that my "baby" is no longer a baby!  He is BIG... to big for his own britches!  Watch our terrible twos!!!!!

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