Monday, September 9, 2013

Faces of Addyson

I catch myself looking over at Addyson and realizing that she is no longer the no-hair toddler with her "cheezy" grin but a beautiful 4 year old that is growing up before my very eyes.  I swear she must have "growed in her bed" one night and woke up big.  While it makes me sad that she is growing up, she is becoming so much fun to interact with that I love watching her turn into the young lady that she is going to become!
Addyson is the spunky one in the family!  She likes to do things her way and won't take "no" for an answer.... don't know who she gets that from!! ; )  If you tell her she won't be able to do something, she figures out a way to do it!  All of these traits make parenting her little 4 year old self kinda challenging... but I'm up for a good challenge... especially since I don't want her to change.  I want her to carry these independent and strong willed characteristics into adult hood... that's what is going to make her successful in life.... just doesn't make life at this stage the easiest!!!
However, as I get to know her better, I am learning her "language of love" and know how to deal with/ interact with her better.  I know what she will "work" for, I've learned what battles to fight, I've learned how to "fill her love cup", and I've learned what hurts her feelings and how to make up for that.  See, that is the trick.... learning the language for each kid... and it amazes me how 3 kids in the same family can speak such different languages!   Addyson loves to work/ help, she loves to take care of her brothers (she has given herself the job of tucking Ethan into bed every night), she loves to be silly and make people laugh, and filling her "love cup" means playing rough (not the typical girl.. and I keep asking her when she is going to be gentle, sweet, and lady like... but she is growing up with 2 brothers so I guess this is to be expected).  She doesn't like toys and isn't motivated by "things" which makes it hard to reason with/bribe her to do things... so I've learned I have to motivate with "jobs" and she is happy to work for that!
She is doing great in school and has made friends... and a lot of her friends are boys! : )  In Addyson's class, there are just 3 kids (including her) from the United States!!!!  I LOVE that she is in an International School and making friends from around the world!!! What an amazing experience!  She is always wanting to invite friends over and have them stay for dinner.... we've yet to have anyone stay for dinner but that is something she can work towards earning.... that is speaking her "love language"!
She is my little side kick (and Daddy's too if he is the one that is running an errand or doing something she wants to do)!  She loves to go with if someone is going somewhere and she loves to be in charge of money, lists, or items we need when out!  She is an amazing little girl that is fun, expressive, silly, and loving!  I can't wait to watch her grow this year!!!

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Georgia Bryant said...

That's Auntie Georgia's sweet Addyson!