Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kicking Off Our Holiday Weekend

The kids didn't have school today.  Last night, Owen was excited about his day off and talked about how he could sleep in!  Me, I was excited about a lazy morning.... I knew there probably wouldn't be much sleeping in.... Ethan JUST started sleeping through the night and sleeping past 5:15... but I was hopeful for a late start, say 6am.  That wasn't the case.  So, even though on a school day Owen will sleep until 6:30 and Ethan has been sleeping until about 5:45... both boys were up by 5:30.   While I did get a relaxing morning since there was no packing snacks or picking out outfits.... my coffee was done by 6:30 and we were ALL looking for something to do.  So....
we put our swimsuits on as soon as Brad left for work and headed to the beach!!!
It took a bit of prodding to get the kids out the door, especially for Owen who just wanted to hang out at home and play with his toys since he doesn't get to do that much anymore but, once we were outside, they were all SO happy!  I was glad I stuck with my plan and didn't let them talk me out of it!
The morning was BEAUTIFUL and life was GOOD!!!
We've only been to the beach at night time so I had no idea what the mornings were like.  After this morning, I'm hooked on morning beach trips!  We were there by 7:30 and we were the only ones there at about 8.  See, early mornings the paddleboarders are out there riding and then they start heading out about 7:30.  Once they were gone, it was the kids and I plus the life guards!  AMAZING!
The kids loved every second running into and out of the water!
And playing in the sand!
Since we were the first ones, we got to enjoy that nice, smoothed over morning sand!
I was in complete awe that this is now our home!  This is what we can wake up to every morning if we want to!  We get to enjoy this and it is all free!!! W e don't have to travel long distances to get to a pretty beach.
  We don't have to stay at a hotel to swim in the ocean!
We don't have to plan ahead and pack up a ton of stuff to search for treasures on the beach!
 We don't have to wait for Brad to get vacation time to run along the beach!

Nope, I get these priceless, sandy grins all by walking to the end of our street!
And I feel SO blessed!
And I know the kids feel SO free!
This morning, the only thing missing was Brad.  While it was the start of the kids' long weekend, it was a teacher day so the adults on camp had to work.  It was nice for us to have a day on camp to explore and to use as a start to our holiday weekend!
I enjoyed every single second of our time on the beach.  It was just what this momma needed!  After an hour and a half we headed home so we could clean up and get ready for daddy to come home for lunch!  We were ready for him to finish up his day so he could join us on our holiday weekend!
Life is good!

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