Monday, September 23, 2013

Last Day of the Holiday Weekend

Our holiday weekend started with the kids and I enjoying a morning at the beach while Brad had to work.  I knew that morning that I wanted to bring him here with us to enjoy the beautiful scene so that's just what we did on our last morning of the holiday weekend!!!  And it was beautiful!!!
THIS is what our adventure is all about..... time together as a family enjoying all of the many blessings that surround us and taking full advantage of all of the opportunities that we are presented with!  I don't want to leave this experience with any regret of what we should have done or didn't do!
Mornings don't get much sweeter than this!!!
So here is a bit of honesty.... I try to keep the blog upbeat as that is how I try to look at things but, there is also the reality of the fact that what we are doing is really hard!  Picking your family up and moving across the world to a place that is REALLY hard to live in and leaving behind your family and friends isn't for the faint of heart.... that's why not everyone is doing what we are doing.  There are times that I've questioned, "What on earth have we done?!?!" but it is really just me.... everyone else in my family "seems" to be adjusting fine.  Brad is busy at work and really enjoys what he does.  The kids all love their school and are making friends.  That just leaves me back at home trying to figure out where I fit in to this equation and on camp all while trying to juggle the logistics of moving, unpacking, getting settled, paperwork for the kids, worrying about the kids.... you get my point.  I forgot how hard it is to make friends.... especially for someone like me who is not super outgoing in the beginning (those that know me well find that hard to believe but that is because once I'm friends with you, I'm super outgoing but until then... I'm the opposite)..... I forgot that finding a true friend that "gets you" takes time.  I left behind some amazing friends in Arkansas and starting over hasn't been so easy..... really, it has sucked!  With that being said, I think I tried to jump into finding a "best friend" to quickly.  I was wanting to find that best friend so bad that I think I was willing to settle.  Looking back, it reminded me of being 20 and all of my friends were getting married and I SO desperately wanted the same that I was willing to settle.... afraid that what I had was the best I would ever get.... but thankfully I took a step back and realized that the relationship I was involved in wasn't 100% of what I wanted.... and I learned that good things/ relationships come to those that wait for it.... wait for the perfect timing, the perfect person to walk into your life.  Thanks to Brad, he helped bring me back down to reality and reminding me that what is important most right now is US.... our family adjusting to this adventure.... friends will come.... naturally.... no need to force need to settle...... so..... I need to just sit back and enjoy the ride..... good things come to those that wait.... heck, I waited another 6 years to find Brad.... I waited 3 years for this adventure to happen.... and already, as I type this, I find myself surrounded by friends here on camp! :)
No more worrying about what others think.... others who don't even know who I am..... others you judge without fully understanding..... others who want to criticize what I write or say....others who want to comment on what I wear or don't wear... others who have different opinions than my...... no more wasting my time thinking about that.... thinking about that has really driven me to the brink of insanity..... Where do I want to put my time in energy?!?!  Where it matters most!
With my husband and coming up with a plan on what we want out of this day, this month, this year.  With my children, to teach them about the world/ culture around us and accepting and understanding people and our similarities and our differences.  With friends that want the same out of this experience as we do.  With family and friends back home to maintain the relationships we do have with the people that love and support us.  In my home, and getting it set up to where we all feel loved and welcomed in it and where it is inviting to others.  And in this new country we live in, to try my best to understand it and experience it to the fullest!
It is funny how my brain works.... I why over analyze the negative interactions which leads me to forget about some of the positive ones (and let me say, I'm really talking about some interactions I've had with people and not really experiences we've had as a family).  All my negative worrying had me forget about one of the best compliments I received lately..... A lady on camp told me she was very impressed with how I was embracing my experience here.  She commented on the fact that I've only been here and month and a half and I've totally jumped into life here in Saudi more than she's seen out of people that have been here for several years!  I've been car shopping, grocery shopping, signed up for Arabic class, interacting with the locals, and taking full advantage of what is around us.  At times, as a mom, you feel like you never are doing enough... you could always do more.... but that compliment reminded me that I AM doing a lot and doing the best I can for my family and I as we make our new home in the Land of the Sand.... could I do more... of course... but then I'd really make myself crazy... so why focus on more.... it is all about QUALITY NOT QUANTITY, right?!?!.... thank you for that compliment... I needed that!
This holiday weekend was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me but one I needed... you have to hit a wall to figure out how to get around it, right?  So now, I start the week with a new perspective.  With my eye on the prize.  Thankful for a long weekend with my family and a small break from the craziness of Saudi and start this week refreshed and ready to take a new approach to life on camp!
Life really is good.... you just have to choose to focus on the good!!!!

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