Saturday, September 14, 2013

More Olive Oil Please (A Saudi Breakfast)

After our fun dinner experience, we decide to finish off the weekend with more Saudi fun!  Our friends showed us a yummy place to get breakfast on our way home from dinner last night so that's where we went first thing this morning.  But, our first stop was coffee!  We had been wanting to try their coffee drive-thrus!  Also, do you see the big cup with yellow on top of it on the side of the building?  That is to show that they serve cups of corn here!  Yep, corn!  That is a snack food that is sold a lot of places!  Who needs cups of ice cream when you can have a cup of corn?!?!
After getting our coffee, we headed down the street to where we were told they make the best bread and right next door you can get the best breakfast!  So, you first go order your bread... which is what Brad is doing at the window here...
Then you go next door to order your breakfast (while your bread is cooking).  See the raised area covered in carpet?  That is where the men can sit and eat their breakfast if they choose to dine in.  You remove your shoes and sit on the floor.... sort of like we did last night but no private dining... which is what makes me think this is for men dining only!
The gentleman that helped us was so nice and let us get in and check things out!!!  Here is Brad checking out the BIG pot of addis.  Addis is made from masoor dal (pink/red dal) and when served with well-cooked tomatoes and onions it is absolutely we soon found out! : )
Here he is showing us something.... due to our lack of common language... my best guess is that it is a white version of ful medames... but I'll have to research that a bit more to know for sure.  There was a huge pot of regular ful medames cooking there also!  Ful is dish of cooked and mashed fava beans served with olive oil, chopped parsley, onion, garlic, and lemon juice.
As you can tell.... ordering gets a bit tricky!  We got with a lot of pointing, checking things out, hoping for the best, open to trying new things, and just thankful for the opportunity!  That's what you have to do here!  My new saying is, "Beggars can't be Choosers!"
After ordering our breakfast, we went back to check on our bread.  The bakers were SO nice and let us take lots of pictures!  After they kneed the dough out, they place it on this pan to get the shape.
Then the bread is tossed onto the wall of this HUGE brick oven!!!
And then you wait for the bread to cook... by the way, you can also get your bread stuffed with cheese.  Doesn't cheese make everything better?!?! : )  Better get that to smooth the ful just in case the kids don't like it!
When the bread is done, the baker uses these long, wire sticks to get it out of the oven!  Then it is ready to take home... pipping hot!
And here you go... a Saudi breakfast... and we soon found out that that means LOTS of olive oil!!!  The tin next to the yellow plate has addis.  The tin behind it has Shakshouka, dish of eggs scrambled in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, onions, often spiced with cumin. Served with the shakshouka is a huge piece of raw onion and a lemon. Next to the bread is the ful medames.  Both the ful and addis are served with a couple of different sauces on top along with the olive oil.  Did I mention the olive oil?!?!  Our bag was dripping with it!  Seems like a lot of dishes and dips are served with an extra helping of olive oil on top (that is our our hummus and moutabel drip come).  Did you also notice the blue plastic knot by the tins?  That is a "placemat" to spread out on the ground to eat your dish if you take it to go!
We took ours to go... but took it home to eat it on our table!! : )
This breakfast was a huge hit!!!  The kids love eating with their "Saudi fork", the bread!  See, most of the time you use your hands and/or bread to eat and not forks and spoons!  You eat with your right hand (because you "wipe" with your left hand) and you place your left hand out of sight to eat.  Thankfully we haven't been invited to share a meal with any Saudis yet... we need some practice at the fine are of eating with our hands!
Now THAT'S a piece of bread!!!!
That breakfast was amazing!  So easy to pick up and so good!  I think we'll be eating a lot more Saudi breakfasts!  I guess I need to be looking up the health benefits of olive oil so I feel a little better about the large amount we are consuming these days!


Freeman Hunt said...

Wow! Great post. I love that they let you take pictures of the process. Looks like a delicious breakfast.

Julie Keller said...

Still laughing that the "left" hand is used for "wiping" so you don't eat with it!! Lol!! Assuming "wiping" as in when using the bathroom?? Or would that be the "spraying" hand??