Friday, September 13, 2013

My Birthday Morning

Today is my birthday.... my first birthday in the Land of the Sand... kinda weird to be spending it away from all of my family and friends back home.  You know me, I love birthdays and celebrating them as many days as possible with as many get togethers as possible.  This year will be a bit different.  It is a quiet birthday and while on one hand it makes me sad, I need to enjoy the blessings I do have and look forward to new ways of celebrating my birthday.  And the new ways of celebrating birthdays start today!
My morning started with a trip to the Hobby Farm for their famous pancakes.  We have heard a lot about them but haven't been to the farm for breakfast yet to try them.  I'm SO glad we started out our day this way!!  They were YUMMY!
I also ordered an English breakfast (okay, I didn't really order the pancakes... those were for the kids but I did have a bite).  An English breakfast is served with baked beans, mushrooms, eggs, toast,.... BEEF bacon and sausage..... Yum..... not so yummy.... but it will do.... my phrase these days has been "Beggars can't be choosers!!!" and that is SO true here in the Land of the Sand where we don't have all of the comforts of home.... like no pork bacon and sausage to go with our eggs.  Oh well.... part of the joys of adjusting to new "comforts"!
I should also mention our evening last night that started my birthday weekend.  It started with our weekly "community group" where we ended up getting "kicked out"..... okay, we didn't really get kicked out but close enough.  The "leader" was giving his talk and Ethan happened to babble a bit and the "leader" then said that children should come, sit quietly, listen, and not be a distraction to the rest.... you can tell he has never had kids.... what less than 2 year old can do that?!?!  We then got moved to the VERY back of the room, right beside the door, and at this point we were SO upset from being called out in front of everybody (and let me say that this is the 3rd week in a row) so we left.  Ugh!  I was so mad and upset and NOT the way I wanted to start my weekend off!  Thankfully we had plans to go over to a friends house for some Mexican food and getting together with 5 other families was SO nice and a great start to our weekend.  It help smooth over our hurt feelings.  And let me say, the Mexican food they found was SO close to Flying Burrito back home!!!!  Yummy!!!  Now that's what I'm talking about!  : )
Back to my morning, after the Hobby Farm we ended up going to the Emergency Room for Owen's leg... let me just say, this isn't as bad as it sounds.  We just went to the ER because that is our option on the weekend when the clinic is closed... and we can do it without worry  because it doesn't cost us a thing.... we won't be getting a $200 bill in the mail!  I wanted his leg looked at but during the week is hard... today was nice because there was NO ONE there so we got right in and out.  We left with free prescriptions..... another plus to being here!! : )  After that quick trip, we headed home to open gifts.
The kids had been working hard all week to put together some things for me.  They wrapped it up themselves in a plastic bag (we don't have many birthday supplies around here yet) and made me a card.  I was so anxious to open it to see what was inside.... Brad let me know he didn't help the kids and had no idea what they gave me.
Look what Owen got me!  An unopened pack of cards (he had found in his room), a piece of gum (a prized treat for him), a coin, and 2 of his special crystals!  Melt my heart!  He gave me so many of his prized positions.... I know it might not seem like a lot to most people but knowing those things mean a lot to him made my gift extra special!  Such a sweet boy!  Brad had also been working on a little something for me.... actually it is for all of us... we have a holiday break in October that is right around Ethan's 2nd birthday and our wedding anniversary... and we will be celebrating my birthday and Brad's birthday since we weren't here to celebrate with him.... to celebrate ALL of these special events we will be going to Oman!!!!  I can't wait!!!  We will be going to Sur for a turtle safari and to Muscat to relax at the hotel and visit the souks!  It will be a blast!  Stayed tuned for more on that!
My morning was perfect!  A quiet morning with my family of 5 and a couple of thoughtful gifts, what more could I want?!?!  We celebrated with cake after nap with some new friends and then headed out for an evening of fun!  I'll post more about that later!  My morning was a great way to start out what would be many wonderful birthdays in the Land of the Sand!

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