Sunday, September 1, 2013

Owen's First Day of 1st Grade

The day is here... the day we've been planning for all summer.... school is starting in Ras Tanura!  Owen will start 1st grade this morning and Addyson will have her "soft start" to K4 starting tomorrow, and Ethan will start a preschool soon.  Let the adventure begin!
The walk to school was HOT and HUMID... I couldn't believe it.  Probably the worse since we've been here and it was only 7:20 in the morning!!!  See the haze in the photo?!?!  Thankfully we live 30 seconds from the gate to the school... the down side is that the 1st graders line up at the very back of school...and that walk takes 1 minute... seems like 5 when you are pouring with sweat!  I was nervous walking up to school and was so afraid I'd cry... my heart had been anxious ALL morning and my stomach was in knots.... but we all made it with no tears!
Before heading to meet Owen's class, we walked to the front of the school to take the kids' picture in front of the RT sign....probably not the best choice in the heat but hey, I needed the picture for memory sake! : )
Owen 6 years 2 months, Addyson 4 years 4 months, Ethan almost 23 months
1st Day of 1st Grade
We walked up to a sea of students and adults and weren't sure what to do or where to go..... so we all stood together and took it all in... it is amazing how without even thinking about it, the 5 of us stood in a tight little group taking it all in and trying to figure out what to do next.... the security and comfort you feel just from standing next to a loved one is amazing and I was so thankful we were all able to go together, even Brad, to drop off Owen this morning.  After all, this is really the first BIG step of our new journey.  Yes, we have been here for a couple of weeks so the journey has already started but, as I've said before, it has felt like a vacation.  Like a break from reality.  Like a short term stop in this journey of life. But today,  things change.  "Life" resumes.  "Normal" starts.  Schedule is in place.  School starts!
After taking it all in, we were able to find Mrs. Hay and her class line.  Here is the sweet teacher that will be with Owen 7.5 hours a day.  Here is the sweet lady I'm entrusting to take care of my baby boy most of his busy day.  I know it is going to be a great year!
Lined up and ready to go.... let's get this school year started!
No tears!  Successful drop off!!!  Baby boy, you've got this!  You are going to have an amazing year of growing, learning, making new friends, and adventure and I can't wait to see all that your learn and do!  Have fun little man!
"Bye Mom!  I've got this!"
As he walked away, I couldn't believe he was going.  School was starting.  Summer was over.  Did it really go by that fast?!?!  What will I do with myself now?  Here is the break I've been waiting for.  here is the start of our adventure we've been planning for.  It is here.  It is starting.  Sort of feels like I'm walking in a dream.... one foot in front of the other.... taking it all in.... feels SO weird.  Will this ever feel like home?  Like normal?  Will he be okay?  Will he make friends?  Will he like it?  How is his day going?
Will we all adjust to being apart for most of our day?  Well we will soon find out the answers to all of these questions... and here, we get to find out sooner than later.....
Because Owen gets to come home for lunch!!!  When he saw us waiting for him at the gate he took off running for us with a HUGE smile on his face... and my heart skipped a beat!  He was smiling... and I was soon going to learn about the start of his first day... just 3.5 hours into it... no waiting for 8 hours to hear how it was going....
So over a yummy lunch of mac and cheese per Owen's request (which I really made with cauliflower... recipe to come), we all got to hear about the start of his school year.  My anxious heart was put to ease... see, this morning when he left for school there was something about him, I could tell his was anxious and nervous.  He was somber. Not his happy self.  There was a look in his eyes.  So I worried.  Then, at lunch, Owen was back!  His eyes were shinning.  He was smiling.  He was happy.  I think in reality he was relieved... just as relieved as I was... to have the start behind us.  To have survived the "good bye".  To have survived the issue of finding his teacher.  To have survived meeting new friends.  To have survived being apart from each other.  We all survived.  And we are all smiling!  I'm happy to say it was a successful First Day of 1st Grade!!!!

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What a fun first day! Hope they all have a great year!