Monday, September 23, 2013

Saudi National Day

The Saudi National Day (Al-Yaoum-al-Watany,اليوم الوطني) is celebrated in Saudi Arabia on every 23 of September. This day represents the nation's identity and is greatly associated with the unification of the country by the late king Ibn Saud in the year 1932.  We had plans to go to our fruit stand this day and we got to experience a bit of the celebration.  There were signs like this all over town, people wearing green and white, and lots of people with lots of commotion... like yelling out of their car windows.  For us, it meant a day off from work and school with the rest of the country.  I hope to learn more about Saudi and their culture the longer we are here and maybe next year I can speak more about this national holiday!
Our main reason for going into town was to take our fruit stand guys some sugar cookies we made this morning.  They are also SO sweet to the kids (and Brad and myself) giving them bananas every visit to eat while we shop and offering us other fruits to try.  We love our weekly trips to visit them and wanted to give back a bit!  And it was a nice treat that the day we had planned to bring them goodies was a holiday for them!
Addyson was so excited to take the guys our yummy treat!  This is the guy that we do our shopping with and there are other guys around (about 3 main ones) that interact with the kids while we are there.  The other guys ate half of the cookies while we were shopping!  I was happy to see that...... see, I'm really weird.... I think my cooking is good until I have to share it with others and then I loose all confidence so I was so worried they'd think the cookies were yucky and then I'd be too embarrassed to ever go back..... SO glad that wasn't the case!!  When will I ever learn to have a little faith in what I do?!?!
Happy Saudi National Day!

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