Friday, September 20, 2013

Snapshots of the Week

 Lap full of bedheads!  Perfect start to my morning!
 Our new ride!  Best part... it is OURS.... one step closer to living debt free!!!! : )
 I left him a note on his desk at school and he has carried it around for 2 days, no matter where he is going, he has his note in hand!  Thanks Owen for the reminder of the power of a hand written note!
 My birthday flowers from my momma and my cake from my family!  The cake says,
 "Happy Birthday Momma!"
(They didn't know how to spell mommy)
 There are no many take out restaurants around... but there are several people on camp who make food that you can order and take home!!!!  We love this option!!!
 He stayed home sick from "school" and decided he wanted to potty train!!!  He has had a successful day(s)!!!
 Opening their first letter from Nammie!!!!
 Beef ribs!!!
 Pomegranate.  A new favorite fruit!
 Our new household items from Desert Design!  The buffet has doors on it are from India and the pillow on the camel saddle is made from a rug from Azerbaijan!  Our home is starting to be our "home"!!!
Snuggled up with daddy for snacks and a show before bed!
Loaded up to head to Bahrain!  See you on the other side!!!

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