Saturday, September 14, 2013

Snapshots of the Week

Who needs a houseboy when this little guy loves to clean?!?!  : )
Snuggle Sisters
 Eating at his homemade fruit stand.  I love how he put the towel under his hat like the workers do here on camp! : )
 Walking home from the beach.  This is about halfway... where the orange truck is in the background is the beach.  Not a far walk!!!
Walking in his daddy's shoes!
Another "hat" picture!  They were too cute not to post all of them!
 Walking to swim lessons
Hanging out with momma while we wait for Sister to finish up her swim lessons
 Always clownin' around!
 My mini me
 You won't get me more milk... I'll go get my own!
 He gave himself a chose!  He loves to put the silverware away!
Looks like he wanted more "yoyos"

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