Friday, September 27, 2013

Snapshots of the Week

Highway side goat/sheep market
Potty training in Ikea parking lot!
We visited the new El Chico at the other Aramco camp!
The manager helped make the experience festive for us!!!
Not like El Chico back home but better than nothing!! :)
Highway side watermelon stand
Reading letters from back home.
SO happy to see a Razorback picture that needed coloring!!  Thanks Aunt Georgia and Uncle Josh!
Digging into another package full of goodies!!!  Thanks Nammie!
This girl loves her some Selfies!! : )
Diva in the making
 Not a cat person... but hard to resist a good snuggle!!!
 Love our lunch time hugs!!!!
 My kids are such lovers these days... Ethan has mastered giving out hugs!!
 Group hug!!!  Melts my heart... and makes the reality of having to prep and clean up 3 meals a day much easier to handle!
Sophie likes to cuddle up for a good book!

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