Monday, September 2, 2013

Start of School Pictures

Even though there was lots of down time yesterday morning... plenty of time for me to make a sign and arrange for pictures... my mind was preoccupied and signs didn't get made... besides... only Owen was starting school... so today, I have more time.  Today my nerves are better.  Today everyone starts school.  So... here come the obligatory First Day of School Pictures.
My idea was perfect.  3 kids.  3 great signs.  1 great picture....or so I thought... Ethan had other ideas.
So I had 2 cute kids that posed for pictures before school....
And then I had 3 kids (2 well rested kids) pose for pictures after naps and after Owen got home from school.
What Mommy, I'm suppose to hold it like this????
Well what does it say????
Owen- 2nd Day of 1st Grade.  Mrs. Hay's Class
When I grow up I want to play with the Razorbacks (baseball)

Addyson- 1st day of K4 Ms. Heidi's class.
When I grow up... You'll see me on the movies!!!

Ethan- 1st day of Preschool Ms. Joy's class.
I love animals, balls, and swimming

Here's to a great school year for all of my kids!!!!  Let the learning fun begin!

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