Monday, September 2, 2013

Swim Lessons Begin (Addyson)

Today was a busy day for Addyson!  After lunch she started swim lessons.  There is a teacher here on camp who is a certified teacher and is also the head coach for the swim team which is an added bonus.  She works with the kids from a very early age to perfect their kick and stroke to get them ready for swim team!!!
Here the kids are learning to kick with straight legs!  This is MUCH needed for Addyson!!  She can swim but she swims with her legs pointed towards the ground, a product of swimming with floaties for SO long!  I could already tell by the end of today that there was an improvement on her kick!!!
Learning to do "Stream Line"  Working on form for a good free style!
She is also learning to fetch toys off the bottom of the pool!!!  She was SO proud when she was able to do it!!!  I'm very impressed with how much she is learning in a short amount of time.  I think swimming has finally clicked in her brain and she is ready to take off!!
With Ms. Shannon and getting ready to swim to mommy to end her lesson for the day!
Addyson, Ready, Go!  Streamline!
Watch out Dolphin Swim Team, here comes Addyson!!!

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