Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 2 at Turtle Beach

Today was another relaxing day at Turtle Beach.  After our yummy breakfast (that you cannot eat outside even though the weather is beautiful because you will be swarmed to death by flies), we boarded this boat to go look for dolphins.... we heard the boat yesterday didn't see any dolphins so we weren't hopeful but to just get out on the water was really all we wanted to do!
All aboard!
Our little sea crew was excited to go exploring!
Love, Love, Love this little ham!!!!  He was excited to be on the boat and to be able to wear his hat and sunglasses!
The water was calm and the weather was perfect!  We couldn't have asked for a better experience... well except maybe to see some dolphins!  Brad saw a manta ray and I thought I saw a sea turtle but other than that....
we just looked at the beautiful scenery!
And tried really, really hard to find fish or any other sea creature we might be able to find.  Really, it was just about the together/ bonding time and doing something daddy loves to do!
After an hour on the boat, we headed back to the beach where we spent the rest of the day!  Just give my kids a plastic bag and they can entertain themselves in the water for hours!!!  Looks like this little guy has already learned the tricks of fishing with a bag from his big brother!!!  Honestly, I have never had such a relaxing vacation with 3 young kids!!!!  I WILL be back here one day!
Ethan was amazing entertaining himself!  He saw what his older siblings did and he wanted to do the same!
Owen spent HOURS looking for crabs, fish, and all other kinds of creatures.  He even did his own snorkeling!!!
The big kids did amazing finding friends to play with and keeping themselves busy.  I rarely saw them!  It just amazes me how quickly little kids can make friends even despite language differences and they can go off and play for hours!  It was also nice for us adults, we met SO many nice expat families that live all over the Middle East!  It was nice sharing stories and learning the tricks of the trade.  I'll never forget being on vacation in Singapore and listening to Expats talk and wondering if one day I'd be one... and here we are living the Expat life!  I still can't believe it!
All of the play made Ethan and tired little guy.  He would go put himself down for a break in the shade... he really did great doing some self managing... at his young age of a new 2 year old!  I was impressed!
And when he was done... he just took a little nap!  He ended up napping twice a day on this vacation!  A short catnap on the beach and then a longer nap with the rest of us after lunch!  It worked out nicely!
All of our free time let us adults have some fun and do exploring on our own.  Brad just HAD to show off and pick up this crab that was walking along the ocean floor... then it pinched him... that should teach him!! : )  What another amazing day at Turtle Beach!

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