Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day of Travel

All loaded up and ready to go!  Our flight wasn't until 3pm but we hit the road at 7am!!!  We were up at 5:30 so why wait around?!?!  Plus, we wanted to beat the traffic on the causeway to Bahrain.  Since it is a holiday and a lot of people traveling (either to Bahrain to stay or a lot of people fly out of Bahrain because they claim it is "easier" meaning you don't have to wear your abaya or wait in the LONG lines at customs at the airport... plus you can have an adult beverage while you wait) and we knew the traffic line at customs would be LONG so we wanted to get ahead of the holiday traffic and it worked!
Our early morning trip was a lot of fun!  We drove past the goat/sheep market that we see on Friday mornings when we drive to Khobar early.  We also saw that there were camels at the market and we passed a truck full of camels on the drive!!!  This was our first time to see camels in Saudi at a non- festival setting.
We also saw different herds of camels during our drive!!! Some in within fences and some out roaming!!!  It was SO fun and helped keep the kids attention on this 2 hour drive as they claim they are ready to get out.... we have gotten out of the habit of long car rides since we rarely drive the car during the week anymore and our trips out of camp have gotten fewer and farther between as we don't need as much any more.... plus the kids claim they are starving during this trip too because we opt to skip breakfast at home and make it to Bahrain so we can have a nice breakfast at the Country the camels help aid in distraction!
We made it to the Country club by 9:30!  We were hoping to feast in their yummy breakfast buffet but turns out they only have it on Saturdays so we missed it.  No worries, we still enjoyed ourselves!  We sat outside, enjoyed being out of the car, enjoyed the nice weather, enjoyed a cold drink, and the kids enjoyed running around on the playground!  What a perfect start to vacation!
And here is our "family photo" of breakfast.... I need to figure out better ways or places to set my camera up with the timer!  I swear I also look crazy as I jump back into the picture! : )
So we were up at 5:30, in Bahrain by 9:30, breakfast eaten by 10:30.... flight didn't leave until 3.... now what?!?!  If you know the Brewsters, we can only relax so much!  Sitting back and taking it all in is only good for so long... then we get restless.  But, by the time we got restless there wasn't really enough time to go anywhere and have enough time to enjoy it.  Plus we haven't flown out of Bahrain in 3 years so we weren't sure what to expect....
so we just headed to the airport to check in!  I have to say that check-in was fairly smooth... which meant we had even more time to hang out.... leaving early sounded like a good idea until we had all of this time to kill with 3 little kids!!  We found a bar/restaurant that was empty that allowed us in and they had nice booths... which Ethan ended up taking his nap in while the rest of us...
played iPad...
.... enjoyed a cold drink....
...... and snacked on some McDonald's.... we weren't sure what we would be offered on the plane so we wanted to make sure the kids wouldn't be starving by the time we landed in Oman!  I love how you can get the traditional Big Mac... and well as a cultural staple... McArabia! : )
8 hours after leaving home, we were finally able to board the plane and get ready to start our adventure in Oman!!!  A feeling of excitement took over me and I looked at Brad and said, "THIS is it!  This is why we are here!!!  We were SO excited to get our first chance to take advantage of the perks of living overseas and the travel opportunities we were going to be able to have!!!  Off we go!
The flight was a little over an hour long but we got a snack.... something back home we are not use to!!!  It amazes me the differences in standards in flight travel from North America compared to the rest of the world!  The kids were excited to have their own little tv in front of them with their own head set that they got to enjoy while snacking on a wrap and orange juice!  This was the fun part of the trip... it all went downhill after landing.... I had NO idea that our first stop, Sur, was 3 hours from the airport... and we had to go through the mountains... which equals winding roads... which equals kids throwing up!!!  UGH!!!!  BOTH boys threw up at different times on our travel.  I was SO tired, done, and at the point of getting frustrated with Brad for planning such a trip.  See, it was a long day, it was late, it was dark, and our GPS was SO wrong that it kept telling us for 1.5 hours that we had 15 miles left so for 1.5 hours I kept wondering if we were ever going to get there.  The fun part, we saw 2 wild donkeys in the middle of the highway during our trip!
After 3 hours, 2 road side stops, 2 stinky boys, and one exhausted momma we made it to Turtle Beach!  It was dark so we didn't to see much of the resort however, what we did see was nice.  The restaurant was closed down but the guy that took us to our room came back with plates full of food from dinner for us!!!  It was SO nice.  We all showered up, ate a nice meal, and settled into our new home for the next couple of days!
SO glad to be out of the car, at our destination, and with our family!!!  I sure hope that when we wake up we are surrounded by beauty and amazing experiences so I don't hold that horrible 3 hour car trip against Brad!! ; )

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