Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Days Muscat

Our days in Muscat went something like this.... get up early.... oh wait, we are already up early... and send Brad plus a kid or two to go find good chairs by the kiddie pool and reserve them!!!  We learned this trick right away and made for great days by the pool!!!
Go eat an AMAZING breakfast outside!!!  If you have never been to a Shangri La resort you are missing out on one of the most amazing breakfast buffets I've ever been to!!!  We ate breakfast for at least an hour... so many wonderful thinks both to drink and to eat to choose from!!!
After a yummy breakfast we would head to the pool... we were always one of the first ones there!! While I love to sleep in and at times get frustrated that our kids get up SO early.... it helps during vacation... we really get the most out of our day since our day starts SO early!!!
If we needed down time while enjoying the water we took a trip on the lazy river!  This took at least 20 minutes to go around one time!!!  We started out going as a family and then Owen started to get brave and started going on his own and would make friends along the way!  Addyson also made a couple of friends but I made sure to keep her in my sight as she explored her independence!
We spent a lot of time at the kiddie pool!!!  I LOVED watching the kids play together!  Ethan is getting SO big and can be a part of play with the big kids!!!
We ate lunch by the pool!
Borrowed toys from others and played and played and played!
I even got in on the "fun"....
getting wrestled in the water until Owen was determined the winner!
And finally Ethan came to my rescue!!!  He is really starting to watch out for others and doesn't like it if he sees fighting going on.  Thanks for saving me, Ethan!
It wasn't as relaxing as the Turtle Beach resort... it is more busy here... but I'm glad we came and it is good to have both... makes for good variety and lots of memories!!!!

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