Friday, October 4, 2013

Ethan Turns 2

Our little man has turned 2 and I can't believe it.  We no longer have a "baby" in the house... of course, I've felt that way for a LONG time since I feel like he is growing up quicker than he should and quicker than his siblings did.  Funny how that "baby" of the family is the one you want to keep little forever but is the one that grows up quicker than they should thanks to trying to keep up with the older siblings!
He amazes me every day with all he knows and all he can do.  I often say he is too smart and too strong for his own good!!!  He has the strength and determination to get things done and to keep up with the older kids and lacks the caution and "street smart" knowledge to keep him safe and out of trouble so I have to keep a close eye on this guy!  Luckily he is tough too so if he falls down he brushes it off and says, "I o-tay" and keeps going!
"I free" he says as he struggles to hold up two fingers!  No silly, I say, you are TWO!!!
Ethan is becoming more outgoing and interacts more with new people.  He loves to introduce himself and the members of his family.  "I Effie"!  He likes to count and can get to 20 with some help.  He also loves to sing his "ABCs" and can get through the song with help every now and then!  He is the one that reminds us to pray before dinner and I love that!  He also loves to talk about animals and the sounds they make!  With his growing vocabulary also comes his strong opinion about the world around him... even the color of his cup and the kind of spoon he uses.  And so it starts......
He recently figured out how to jump and get off the ground so this is a favorite trick to do!  He also loves to run, throw a ball, swing, climb, and wrestle!  I should also say he loves to chase the cats and carry them around!  He has been taking swimming lessons and is getting really close to being able to swim for a second or two on his own!  He is also strong and will "hammer" you if you try to take something away from him or if you have something he wants.
He is a great eater and loves all kinds of fruits, veggies, and just about anything I put on his plate.  His favorite fruit is a banana and his favorite veggie is broccoli.  He LOVES cheese, yogurt, and milk!!!!  He also loves crackers and cereal!  When he wakes up in the morning the first thing he asks for is "yoyo" which is cereal and yogurt mixed together!  He still nurses..... he asks for "nannies" and gets them at nap time and bed time.  I was working on weaning him but he got sick and our shipment came and we have been set back a bit.
He is sleeping "better" meaning he rarely wakes up at his 3:30-4am time slot... and when he does we just let him cry until he falls back to sleep.  He has yet to master the art of sleeping in... he is usually up between 5-5:30 am.... ugh!!!!  I'm hoping one day he sleeps in!!!  Right now he is in the office but we plan to move him to Owen's room as soon as he sleeps in a bit longer..... of course it doesn't matter much.... both boys are pretty much on the same sleeping schedule... they are both early risers!
He is going to "school" 3 days and week and seems to really be enjoying it.  It took a couple of weeks to get no tears at drop off but just the other day he walked in by himself like a big boy and is really happy when I pick him up.  I think for him it was learning to be away from mommy and his siblings.  He also needed to learn to play with kids his age since he is primarily around kids 4-6.
What are your favorite items in the house? I like to play with iPad
What is your favorite drink? Milk and orange juice
What is your favorite food?  Cheese and french fries
What is your favorite toy?  Cars and balls
What is your favorite seat?  I like to climb up on the couch and sit by my siblings
Who is your favorite person? Owen and Addyson... I love for them to chase and wrestle me
What is your favorite show? Caillou
What is your favorite thing? Music, animals, and books
What size clothes do you wear?  2T
What is your favorite song? "Nana" from VBS.  I just LOVE all kinds of music!
Where do you like to go?  My favorite place to be is outside.  I also like to go swimming.
What are you new words?  He is saying SO many new things and putting together 2-4 words.  One thing he has done pat is "Effie's turn!!!"  He does not get left out of anything these days and there is no more skipping over him
New foods? dates, lamb, pomegranate, fig, mutabel
What is your bad habit?  Spitting... that is his response to A LOT of things these days!
What do you do that your mommy thinks is cute?  When he says something scared him he puts his hand to his chest and says, "It nared me"
Any big transitions?  Moving to Saudi Arabia, starting a preschool, learning to swim
 He is a fun loving, out going, hard headed, independent, snuggly, rough 2 year old BOY and we couldn't love him any more!!!  Happy Birthday little guy!!!  You really complete our family!!!  We look forward to seeing your personality develop even more and can't wait to see all you learn and do this year!!!  We love you Birthday Boy!

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