Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ethan's 2nd Birthday Party

Today we celebrated our little monkey turning TWO!!!!  We picked today because honestly, I was having a hard time making a decision about whether or not we should even do anything.  I had a feeling our shipment would be coming in around his birthday, then we got the invitation for the Halloween party that I knew a lot of people were invited to, and I really didn't have anything prepared or planned.  At the last minute, I just couldn't go without having a little get together for E!
We went with a monkey "theme" and I say theme lightly because we didn't really do much... nothing fancy.  Just a monkey shirt, monkey cupcakes,  pb&j sandwiches, and bananas.  I made monkey cupcakes like this for Addyson's second birthday too but they turned out much better.... helped that I had everything I needed.... like vanilla wafers and food dye!  Here, I improvised a bit making sugar cookies to try to look like a monkey nose and ear and I used mashed up frozen strawberries added to vanilla icing to make pink icing for the mouth.  Not perfect.... but my new saying here is "beggars can't be choosers"!  Just be happy with what we get!
We had our get together at the covered park across from our house!  We had planned to have it in our backyard... we bought Ethan a playset for his birthday and we were hoping to use that but it is not getting delivered until Thursday.... but this was the next best location!!!  I felt bad for E... I could tell he was a little under the weather... he had flushed check, a cough, and a runny nose.... the mom guilt kicked in and told me "if I would have had the party on his actual birthday he would have not been sick".....oh well, how was I suppose to know that?!?!  However, he didn't let his cold stop him from having fun!!!
We had some of our new friends show up and the kids had a blast!!!  Lauren is in the yellow shirt, Macey is in purple,and Caley is in blue.
Having fun despite how he can just see in the pictures how he doesn't feel good.  Poor guy!
Ethan and Lauren playing Ethan's favorite game at the park... the order window!!!  Sometimes he and I go to this park after we drop the kids off at school and he likes me to order from the window and he cooks for me!!!  I am really impressed with how advanced his imagination play is for a new 2 year old!
Cheese!!!  Brooklyn is in the white!  The kids had SO much fun!!!
While the kids played, the parents sat in the shade and chatted.  The weather was SO nice leading up to today and today it was SO humid... I couldn't believe it!  We all did pretty good though and hung out there for 2 hours!!!  All of these families are just as new as we are so we all understand where we are in the "moving in" process.  It is nice to talk to others to understand what you are going through is normal!!!
A budding friendship!
Family shot!!!
"Happy Birthday to You!"
Blow out your candles... with a little help from Addyson.... and make a wish!
Little monkey sat down to "eat" his cupcake but didn't even take one bite... that's two birthdays now he has passed on eating his birthday cake.  This is when he dawned on me that he really didn't feel good.  He had been playing so well that I didn't worry much... but when he didn't eat his cupcake I knew something was up..... funny thing is, that is his doctor sitting next to him!! :)
We thought about opening gifts outside but thought twice.... we were all sweating through our shirts by this point and were ready to get into cooler weather.... plus E was getting tired and I wanted him to enjoy opening his gifts so we waited.  The kids played some game on the slide while we cleaned up and got ready to head home.
All in all, I think it was the perfect birthday celebration for our little monkey!!!  Thank you to our friends from coming and making his day so special!
Happy Birthday, Ethan!

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