Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First day in Muscat

The beauty that surrounds our hotel is amazing!
Mountains and ocean make for peaceful surroundings that take your breath away.
And to have a hotel room in the middle of it all was amazing!  I knew right away this was going to be a completely different experience from the Turtle Beach Resort we just left!
It didn't take us long after checking into our room to go exploring and find the multiple pools to enjoy!
And it was nice to shower up after a long day of traveling fun and get dressed up to enjoy some drinks outside!
We also had about 10 restaurants to choose from to find a yummy dinner to enjoy... this was a huge change from the Turtle Beach where breakfast and dinner were served in the same spot at the same time every day!  We almost had too many choices.... I sort of liked not having to think about what was for dinner!
We settled on dinner at the Asian restaurant!!  We were one of the first to arrive... look at how empty the restaurant is.... after having our lunch taken over by the yellow jackets at Wadi Shab we were starving!!!
I was a little worried how we would all do adjusting back to "civilization" and eating in a nice restaurant after such a relaxing time but we did pretty good.... although there is never a dull moment with us..... no matter where we are! :)
Sushi for dinner!
We ALL enjoyed it!!!
One WHOLE piece at a time!!!
This has been an amazing vacation so far and I am looking forward to all that Muscat and the Shangri La has to offer!  I know the kids are having just as much if not more than I am!!!  I still cannot believe this journey we are on!!!
To top of our first night in Muscat, we did a bit of shopping at the hotel souq and found ice cream for dessert!!!!  What a great first day in Muscat!!!

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