Friday, October 4, 2013

Halloween Party for the Kids

A couple of weeks ago Addyson got an invitation to a Halloween themed birthday party for a little girl her age and the girl's twin sisters who are about Ethan's age.... we actually met this family at the pool one of our first days on camp.  I contacted the mom and told her that the party was the same day as Ethan's actual birthday so I'd like to bring all my kids if I could so I could keep us all together for Ethan's birthday.  The mom is super sweet and said it would be great if they all came.... so I dressed them all up alike... one of my favorite things to do... and we headed to the party!!!
There was a Halloween craft for the kids to do that some of the older kids from camp were helping with.
There were lots of cool Halloween decorations.
Balloon and chalk fun
Yummy snacks
Face painting (this is suppose to be a skeleton face also done by the older kids who tried to be SO accommodating)
And every fall party need Bobbing for Apples!! : )
Ethan thought, "Skip the hard work with the mouth... take the easy way and grab one with your hand!"
For us, it was a great break from the craziness of the arrival of our shipment.  I felt bad that our shipment arrived right around Ethan's birthday and we spent the morning trying to organize our house.  Knowing the party was this afternoon and that the kids would have fun here... and also realizing that Ethan is 2 and doesn't really know/care about his birthday.... helped take away some of the mommy guilt that we worked all morning!  I took the kids to the party and Brad stayed home to work on the downstairs area kid free, it worked out perfect for everyone!
Ethan was surrounded by his siblings and new friends (this is Lauren) on his birthday and had a party too!! : )  Before he ate his cupcake, I sang Happy Birthday in his ear.  He smiled really big and that made the night perfect for both of us!
One of the best things of the party was that we ended up meeting some boys that are Ethan's age... most of the kids we hang out with are Addyson's age or older.  I had been looking around trying to find Ethan when I stumbled upon him.... and some boys....
having a great time playing with the apples and water!!!  They would take turns throwing the apples back and having the water splash up on them and then they would giggle!!!  SO cute!!!  Now I know some friends for Ethan that we can invite over for play dates!!!  Perfect!
Here are the kids with some of their good friends, Caley, Macey, and Ben (who is in Addyson's class)
It was a super fun kid party and a great night!!!!
Happy Birthday Little Man and Happy Birthday girls!!!

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