Thursday, October 10, 2013

Opening gifts

Time to open gifts!!!  We waited until after nap time to open gifts that way little man could get a little rest and hopefully feel better.... at least good enough to enjoy the experience.  Despite the begging from his siblings to hurry and come open presents, he stayed in the toy room playing his toys so I had to go get him... had I known we were getting our shipment right around his birthday, I could have skipped buying toys and just wrapped up some old toys that had been on the boat for 5 months... they were new in his mind and he was SO happy to be playing with them!!!
Oh the excitement!!  I had a couple of things I wanted to get him that he needed and then we took the big kids shopping last weekend so they could each pick Ethan out a little something.  That was the funniest part, watching the big kids SO excited to give Ethan their gifts!
WOW!!!!  Two swords from Addyson.... that just what any two year old boy needs!! : ) Now she can't come crying to me though when he whacks her on the head with one!!! ; )
What's in here????
A kick board from Nammie!!!  He is doing swimming lessons and his favorite part of lessons is when he gets to use the kick board!!!  He was excited to get his own!!!
I got him a monogrammed animal backpack for school and these cup bands that label his drink.  I was worried about wrapping up the bands thinking they were too boring until I remember that he LOVES to put my hair ties or Addyson's bracelets on his arms and I knew he would do the same with the bands.... and I was correct!!!  They ended up being a fun gift to open!!! :)
It didn't take long from the boys to put the swords to use!!! :)
Ethan's main gift arrived on Thursday while the kids were at school.  We closed the curtains to the backyard and kept everything a secret until Brad came home from work to do the big reveal!
I love how Ethan is trying to figure out what is going on... and then look at the big kids' faces... they get it and are SO excited!!!!
We purchased a big play set for our backyard!  It is a little more than we would spend on a traditional birthday gift but we justified it a couple of ways..... One, we didn't have a big party for Ethan so what we saved on the party we put towards the play set.  Two,  we used our play set at home SO much so we knew we would get our money out of this plus we needed something to help with getting the kids outside... we have never before spent so much time inside.  I knew this play set would get us outside more.  And three, I wanted something all three kids could enjoy for a while... the smaller ones were almost too little for Owen to enjoy!  This is perfect; basketball goal, 2 swings, play house below, slide, and a climbing ladder!  Now we are ready to have our backyard full of friends again!!!
Little man LOVES to swing... he was very excited about his gift!!!!
Come on over and play, says Ethan.  We'd love to have you!!!!

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