Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our Shipment Arrived!!!!

We knew our shipment arrived in Kindgom on the 19th of September and we were told it could take 10-14 days to clear and that did not count that weekend of its arrival or the Sunday since it was Saudi National Day.  We also planned for the worse so we wouldn't be disappointed and figured it would be 14-28 days before our shipment actually arrived at our place, Inshallah.  With Ethan's birthday and our Eid vacation around the corner, I just KNEW we'd get our shipment in the middle of it all... and I was right!  Brad left after lunch yesterday, got to work and checked his email, and then called me right away saying our shipment was ready for delivery the NEXT day.... I thought we would have 2 days to plan.... but we got less than 24 hours!  I quickly made phone calls to have our borrowed Aramco furniture picked up and arranged places for our kids to go during the day!
All sounds easy, right?!?!  Not so much.  I was told by Aramco that they couldn't pick up our furniture until Sunday.  Sunday?!?!  Sorry, that wouldn't work.  We had NO room for their stuff AND our stuff!!!  So I begged and pleaded... all while struggling with some language barriers... and got them to come pick up hour stuff in an hour!  That meant me clearing out the kids' rooms before nap so all of the stuff could be hauled off AND the kids still got to nap.
The other tricky thing was that Aramco allows the employees a day off when their shipment arrives since it is A LOT of work managing the unpacking of things.  True to our other moving experiences, Brad had a workshop planned that day and COULDN'T take the day off... go figure..... so once again I'm at home dealing with the movers while he takes the "easy" road!! ; )  No problem, mafi mushkila, I've got this.  Despite the fact that I woke up feeling sick, I pulled it together with the help from friends and got the job done!  Hearing that first truck pull up with our stuff was a sound I'll never forget!!!  Put the worries aside and let the unpacking begin!!!
When people heard we were getting our shipment last night (we had a dinner on the beach with Brad's work), they asked if we were excited.  I have to be honest and say that I wasn't excited just yet.  I had reservations and wanted to be guarded.  I knew I had to plan for broken items, missing items, seeing that boxes had been opened.  I knew I had to be prepared for those things so I kept myself from getting too excited so I wouldn't be too disappointed with what I might see.  And now I have to say, once the boxes showed up and I saw that our things had made it, it was a HUGE sigh of relief... all of the worry about our items for the past 5 months could be put to rest!  Our stuff had made it across the world and through Saudi customs and now it was here for us to enjoy!  Felt good!
I was so thankful that my friends Gina and Sandy were able to come over and help me with the movers since Brad wasn't able to be home.  How it works is the guys call out the number of the boxes for you to check off to make sure everything is there, Gina took that job which meant she was outside most of the day in the sun Bless her heart!.  Then you tell the guys were to take the boxes which is what I did.  Then the boxes are placed in the room or the guys check in about things and Sandy too the job of being inside and overseeing the guys as well as unpacking some of the furniture items that had been packed with things.  Not only was I thankful that they were there to help, I was also thankful that they were there for support for me and gave me someone to talk to about it all.  Gina just got her shipment 2 weeks ago so she was able to tell me what to expect.  She also had the same moving crew so she knew how they did things.
 After lunch, Brad was able to come home and help with things.  That was nice to have him there as he was able to place things I didn't know where they went and give a hand with how somethings were to be set up.
 What the guys do is unpack everything... and then leave it... which ends up making a HUGE crazy mess!!!  Like there is SO much stuff and nothing is in the right place however, its right place is filled with something else that can't be moved because something is in its place and.... well you see how it is.  SO, needless to say, it is a bit overwhelming!  But, it is also like Christmas day!!!  You forget some of the things you had, you are excited to see some of the things you have been missing, and you are glad to see some things from home that bring back good memories!  Not only that but, you also realize that your move here is final.  Getting our stuff was the last step.  It isn't as easy now to turn around and go home.  You can't just tell them to turn the boat around and get on the plane.  Nope, this is no longer vacation and THIS is home now.... and it feels a bit weird to say that.  What an emotional ride!
As things are getting unpacked, the wrapping is getting tossed outside!  The pile of wrapping was almost as tall as our door... but what do you expect... we had 14 containers packed FULL of stuff....and as they unwrapped it I realized that I didn't get rid of as much stuff as I had hoped to.  Man, wish I wasn't such a mini hoarder!!!!  Maybe now is the time to purge.... after all, we've done without this stuff for the past 5 months... maybe they should have just dropped off our furniture and left the rest of the boxes at the Goodwill!!!
Kind of like at Christmas time, things sit out for weeks after Christmas day as we try to find new homes for things, the same is true here.  Back in Arkansas, each item had its place where it fit perfectly.  Here, we are starting over.  Nothing has a designated home yet... and not everything fits perfectly.... so it is a bit of trial and error as we try to get settled.  Me, I get overwhelmed easily and like to take breaks.... so I was thankful our houseboy came this afternoon to help set up the kitchen and take that job off my plate!
Me, I'd rather be out relaxing with this guy who is taking a break after sorting out all of the wrapping supplies and wrapping them up to be recycled or reused!! : )  As much as I was disappointed that our stuff didn't come last month due to the trucker's error, I was thankful that our moving day was on a nice cool"er" October day to where we were all sweating our tails off!!!  It is all about His perfect timing, right?!?!  That is what we have been show time and time again on this journey!
Looking back I can say it was a successful moving day.  Turns out only 6 boxes were open and I can't really tell if anything was taken or not.  Only a couple of mirrors and a picture frame were broken and some of our furniture got some nicks in it.  The biggest bummer is that Owen's foot board is missing and that is to a brand new bedroom set that has a matching bed to Ethan.  We were told there is a possibility it could show up so that is what I'm praying for. See, when they open up our crates they are opening other crates as well  and it all gets tossed around and then packed back up so it might have gotten packed up with someone else's stuff.  We'll know soon.  The best thing is that now I NO LONGER have to worry about our stuff!!!  It is here and it is ours and ready for us to set up our home!  Things I'm most happy to see; our couch, our dinning room table, my vegetable peeler, and my cheese grater!  I'm not comfortably sitting on my couch blogging and watching my kids enjoy their "new to them again" toys!!!  Life is good!!!

Update- Owen's foot board, our shelves, and a couple of other things showed up about a week later!!!  Now our shipment is complete!

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