Friday, October 11, 2013

Our Vacation Starts

Today we kicked off our LONG holiday.  I guess we techinally started it yesterday since the kids didn't have school and Brad only worked a half day (he got to take a half day off since he didn't get to take a full day off when our shipment came in... Aramco allows the employee to take a day off on shipment day) but we had a play date yesterday, packed, and worked around the house SO... today starts vacation.  And want to know the best way to jump start vacation?!?!  Take a bike ride on the boardwalk along the beach... it starts at the end of our street and we can ride it all the way to the Surf House where you can get breakfast (or lunch or dinner)....
and that's just what we did!!!!  A yummy Saudi breakfast that was eaten outside on this beautiful day with the ocean in the background!  Who needs to leave camp for a vacation?!?!  Seriously, we could have done a "stay-cation" and been completely happy!
After a relaxing breakfast, we let the kids play at the playground by the beach and the finished off our bike ride.  We rode to the end of the boardwalk in the opposite direction of our house... and that is where this picture was taken.... isn't this amazing?!?!  I still can't believe this is "home"!  As of now, this hasn't gotten old!
We were riding our bikes home along the boardwalk and trying to figure out what to do next.... working on the house was at the top of the list... but those that know me, know that I'll do anything I can not to work on organizing..... so the next thing on the list trumped working on the house.... and I think it was a good decision.  This guy NEEDED a haircut  before vacation so he could see all of the fun stuff we were going to be doing!!! : )
There is a place on camp to get your hair cut but I've heard horror stories and have seen BAD hair cuts so I was putting off getting the kids' hair cut as long as possible!  I was SO worried.  Thankfully when we went in today, the guy that gets the best reviews on cutting kids' hair was there so both Owen and Addyson got good hair cuts before our trip!!!
After daddy, Owen, and Addyson got their hair cut, Ethan didn't want to be left out!  He kept saying, "Effie's turn!  Effie's turn!"  So we asked the guy to brush his hair so he wouldn't feel left out... I'm not ready to cut his hair yet.... he doesn't really need it so I'll go as long as possible.  A nice hair brushing was perfect for him and he was SO proud of his new do!!!  I love living on a camp where things are so close, you can ride your bike anywhere, and you don't really have to plan ahead.  A last minute decision to get the family's hair cut was perfect and doable!  And we still had time to go home and work on the house after nap!
What's the last thing you do before leaving your house for a week.... try to eat up everything that might spoil... which includes birthday cupcakes!!! Finally he got to try his yummy banana cupcakes I made him!!!!  Cheers to a fun vacation, some much needed family time, and our first big trip since coming to Saudi..... we FINALLY are going to get to take advantage of one of the perks of moving here!!!!

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