Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rides at the Beach

We heard that there were camel rides at the beach every afternoon so we went to check it out!  If there was ever a time to ride a camel this would be the place!!!  The backdrop was amazing!!
We waited in line and watched a couple of other kids ride the camels... we quickly realized this one didn't enjoy the experience as much... or was just a bit more vocal about the experience!  As someone sat on her back she started to make noise and then stood up quickly.... even before the child was able to sit down on her back...
This intimidated our kids.....
so they opted for the horsey ride!
And enjoyed that relaxing ride much more!!!
As much as I was hoping for beautiful camel ride pictures with this background... there wouldn't have been the smiles on their faces as there were with the horse!
I tried to get Ethan to take a turn... he opted to play in the sand!
Owen was also given the chance to ride the camel... and I reminded him that he has ridden a camel before so he shouldn't be scared.... but that noisy camel was too much for him....
a peaceful horseback ride along the beach was perfect for this guy and his sister!!!  Beautiful!

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