Saturday, October 5, 2013


As I lined my 3 adorable kids up to take a group shot on Ethan's birthday I looked at the joy in their eyes as they came to celebrate the youngest of the group.  The excitement the bigger had for Ethan and his big day was adorable.  They couldn't stop talking about it all week.  They were excited for him and wanted to celebrate with him.
I then realized that this is how they are with each other most of the time... when their goal isn't to aggravate one another to the point of making someone scream!  They are each other's biggest fan!  When Addyson comes down stairs wearing a new dress, it is Owen that notices first and says, "Mommy, Addyson looks pretty today".  When Owen is running with a soccer ball down the field, it is Addyson that is cheering the loudest.  When Ethan goes pee pee in the potty, it is the big kids that are dancing and singing and calling from Brad and I to come see.  They are always cheering each other one and I love it!
Not only are they there for each other in times of excitement, they are also there for each other in times of need.  From simple things like Owen is thirsty, most times he doesn't even need to ask, Addyson knows Owen needs a drink and will go get it for him or ask me to get him one.  If Ethan is crying, one of the big kids come running to his rescue to pick him up and give him a hug.  If someone is picking on Addyson, Owen is the first one to come running to her aid!  It amazes me how they have each other's back without me even asking... and most times without the sibling even asking for help
I also know that during this journey we are on, having a sibling is the best thing for each of them!  We are in a new place, we are doing new things, meeting new people, living in a sort of chaotic life but there is something that is constant, dependable, and secure and that is the love of their sibling!  No matter where we go they have an automatic play mate, an automatic person to help the navigate through the newness, and someone who gets exactly what they are experiencing/ going through.  My 3 have always been close but this experience is making them that much closer and watching their relationships grow is so amazing and heart warming to me!
Which brings me to the feelings I was experiencing when I was pregnant with Ethan.... I remember looking at my big two and their amazing relationship and how close they were and wondering where would another kid fit in.  Would there be enough love to go around between the siblings?  Would they accept their new sibling?  Would they love him?  How would the dynamics change?  I spent many sleepless nights worried.... worried about all of the "what ifs"..... worried for NO reason.....
Because Ethan fit right into the group.... like he was always meant to belong.... and I couldn't imagine our life any different.  How blessed these guys are to have each other... to have a sibling!!!!

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