Friday, October 4, 2013

Snapshots of the Week

Missed the potty... by a bit... kind of like my old Sammy who use to pee right next to the peepee pad on the floor!!! : )
Ethan pointed to the old computer screen and said, "iPad?!?!"
Ethan and I took a taxi to our favorite fruit/veggie stand!!!  Got this amazing loot for about $60!!!!
One of Ethan's favorite iPad games is Toca Hair Salon.  He always picks this guy and says, "Daddy"!! HAHA!!!!!!!!
Breakfast on moving day!!!!
Don't like the trash but I LOVE what it means!!!!  Our stuff is HERE!!!!
Birthday Boy's favorite breakfast; shashooka, naan bread, and addis!
Morning cuddles!
Ethan always insists on the kitty cuddling with him.... kitty... not so much of a fan!
Decorating monkey cupcakes for the birthday boy!

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